There’s a new Greek in town and its funky fitout and succulent menu are bringing locals to the table in droves. Inspired by generations of family hospitality and using recipes no one wants to see disappear, its owners wanted to make sure everything was on point. And so they landed at Cafeideas.

The challenge

Establishing their first hospitality business presented myriad challenges for Chris and Olga Papadopoulos, not the least of which was sourcing the furnishings and kitchen equipment for their new outlet, Yia Sou Souvlaki in Sydney’s Concord.

How Caféideas helped

Chris initially performed a Google search for furniture and equipment for cafes and though lots of hits popped up, the Cafeideas address appeared in the search results and Chippendale intrigued, given its trendy image. In addition to Cafeideas, the couple did visit another major supplier and found that while they offered a very similar range, the prices were higher and the service was lacking.

“Once we arrived at Cafeideas and were attended to by Ashleigh, we were in,” says Olga. “We were looking for so many items and also needed to discuss theming so we could be on trend. From our first encounter, we knew we’d found a supplier that cared about the success of our business and not just making a sale.”

Chris and Olga were impressed with the diverse product range and although Cafeideas were not able to supply a very specific item of equipment they needed, they were grateful for Ashleigh’s no-hard-sell approach. “Ashleigh advised us that before we purchased this particular item – from wherever we could find it – we should check with Council about permits. She was absolutely right. In the end, we did end up finding it elsewhere but we would have faced additional expense if it wasn’t for her advice.”

When it came to planning the outlet’s theme and look, Olga says that Ashleigh presented many suggestions. “Chris has unbridled enthusiasm and energy so it can be a bit hard to keep up with him sometimes, but Ashleigh was fabulous. She filled in the gaps on what we thought we knew and made the appropriate recommendations. She was always very professional, friendly and happy-go-lucky. Given our inexperience and the hassles we’ve faced, her personality enabled us to refocus and find solutions. Her paperwork was always excellent and she also performed brilliantly as a conduit for us as we secured a lot of our equipment through Silver Chef.”

Olga was particularly happy that throughout their experience with Cafeideas, they never felt ‘sold to’ and that Ashleigh listened to whatever ideas they had in mind and never tried to alter their vision. “She even tried to source a particular donut machine for us and gave us suggestions on where – outside of Cafeideas – we could get the exact one we wanted. This kind of service generosity means the world to us. As a result of this and our overall experience, Chris and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cafeideas to other business owners.

From Cafeideas, Yia Sou Souvlaki sourced their Darlinghurst ottomans, F.E.D. display fridge, Moduline warming drawers, Austune chef base, LKK griddle hotplate, F.E.D. freezer, Baron benchtop barbeque, F.E.D. chip warmer, F.E.D. microwave oven, F.E.D. electric donut fryer, F.E.D. chilled food display, as well as several LKK units.

About Yia Sou Souvlaki

The inspiration for Yia Sou Souvlaki came from living in Concord and identifying the need for more take away alternatives. With three children and busy professional lives it seemed a great loss to the community which is very vibrant and communal. Added to this was Olga’s father who is a Chef. “He has always marinated his own meat,” she explains. “At family parties, everyone has always insisted he should open a shop just to let other people taste these amazing meats.”

Chris and Olga have always been professionals working in office environments – Chris, a Business Analyst/Consultant and Olga, a Lawyer – but they felt they owed it to Sydneysiders to introduce them to fabulous, authentic Greek food. Armed with some pretty good genes in the cooking skills department, when a lease opportunity came up in their area, the couple decided to take the plunge. They also believed that an outlet such as Yia Sou Souvlaki was needed to fill a gap. “This locality is filled with young professionals and families who are short on time but who want great quality food.”

Also making an appearance on the menu is Chris’s mother’s sumptuous Moussaka which “absolutely everybody loves” and her to-die-for galaktobouriko (custard and filo pastry with syrup).

Yia Sou Souvlaki seats thirty and is a place where customers can feel welcome to enjoy Greek hospitality and authentic Greek food. The regular menu will feature favourites such as kontosouvli (meat on a skewer), moussaka , spanakopita (spinach pie) and three varieties of salad, among other dishes. And of course, delectable Greek sweets including baklava, galaktobouriko and loukoumades (deep fried donut balls with Nutella or honey and cinnamon) will be on offer.

With its funky décor made up of a clever blend of industrial metal pipes and exposed brickwork, and homely wood and recycled vintage pieces, Yia Sou Souvlaki is bound to become a popular local haunt. Open 6 days from 11am to 8.30pm (later on Friday and Saturday) and with indoor and outdoor seating.