Brisbane café gets a fresh new makeover after the floods

When Brisbane suffered its devastating floods in January, Billy Kostarelos, the owner of Milton café AndaVanth, lost almost everything when three metre floodwaters swept through his business.

“We're located a street away from the Brisbane River,” said Billy. “The first I knew there was trouble was when the power was cut and my local corporate customers called by to say their buildings were being evacuated.”

Unfortunately there was no time to save the fittings or fixtures in the café and once the floods receded, Billy was faced with completely refitting his business.

“The only saving grace was that I had ordered new chairs and tables from Cafeideas in December,” Billy reported. “Fortunately they had not been delivered when the floods came, and they were safely in storage in Sydney.”

AndaVanth is a light and airy Tuscan style café that offers indoor and outdoor courtyard eating for around 55 people. “I originally bought the business back in 2008,” said Billy. “The previous owners were three brothers named Andrew, David and Anthony who had come up with the café's name by combining their names.”

Billy had come across Cafeideas through an Internet search when he had been looking for the new tables and chairs in December.

“I was very impressed with Cafeideas' website and found it really easy to use,” he said. “After speaking with Cara from Cafeideas by phone, my wife and I decided to travel to Sydney to look at their stock for ourselves. We really enjoyed visiting the showroom and the prices were better than we could get in Queensland.”

A month or so later after the floods had wreaked their havoc, Billy again contacted Cara to help source some of the equipment that was needed.

“We needed a new dishwasher, fryer and display cabinet and once again, Cara was able to beat any prices we saw elsewhere,” said Billy. “We were in a hurry for the display cabinet and the one we had chosen was going to have to come from Perth which would take too long. Cara recommended an alternative that they had in stock and it's been brilliant.”

Since AndaVanth reopened in May, the café has been busier than ever. “We get great feedback from our customers who love the fresh new look the café has,” said Billy. “Fortunately all of our clients came back to us and we've been flat out ever since.”

Billy has been so pleased with his dealings with Cafeideas that he has already been recommending them to others in the industry. “Their customer service is great, their website is easy to use and it's really helpful that they're a one-stop shop to deal with for so many of our needs,” he said. “I will definitely be happy to use them again.”

AndaVanth offers a delicious range of dishes including an extensive breakfast menu plus lunch options that include gourmet burgers, pasta, risotto and mains such as grilled barramundi, chicken souvlaki and char grilled beef eye fillet. Located at 46 Douglas Street, Milton, AndaVanth is open from 7am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.