Manuel and Irene Katakis were in the fruit and veg business for years but decided they’d like a change of pace. A huge fan of ‘good’ burgers, Manuel chose to open a new enterprise that would offer quality burgers in a beachside location, with the name branded right into the bun. The result is Bare Grill, situated a hop, skip and a jump from the beach at La Perouse. An online search for ‘shop equipment’ led him to the Cafeideas website.

The challenge

Setting up a café for the first time can be a daunting experience. As Manuel himself professes, it can be fraught with complications that you can’t anticipate. “We thought we knew everything we needed but when we went to the Cafeideas showroom, we found that the advice we were given saved us from making some costly mistakes.”

Problems they had experienced

Manuel was surprised to find that sourcing café furnishings and kitchen equipment wasn’t as straightforward as he’d hoped. “We did try to call around a few other suppliers but not one of them seemed to be all that interested in helping us out. They didn’t have items in stock or weren’t sure when they’d be in and couldn’t really advise. When I called Cafeideas, I was really impressed with their professional approach.”

During the first phone call, Manuel made an appointment to go into the Cafeideas showroom to see the products in person. Asked if he could have purchased online, he says the possibility was there because the range on the website was extensive, but the invitation to go in and meet the staff seemed promising.

How Cafeideas helped

Manuel’s first impression of Cafeideas was that the large selection of furnishings and equipment would mean this would need to be his only port of call. “I was amazed,” Manuel says. “Everything we needed was in stock and they had it all there to look at and touch. They showed us around the showroom and we were able to pick out exactly the tables, table tops and chairs we needed.”

As for the equipment, Manuel had quite a clear idea as to what was required but upon discussing their needs with Daniel, discovered that there were better options. “We were about to waste money on expensive equipment that we didn’t really need and we were also going to waste money on buying cheaper items that wouldn’t go the distance. Daniel helped us understand where we could get durability and quality, without spending more than was necessary.”

The visit to the showroom resulted in an order for all the products Manuel needed for Bare Grill. He was grateful that he didn’t feel “sold to” during the visit and came away feeling relieved that all the requirements were now organised. “If we hadn’t dealt with Cafeideas, I don’t know what we would have ended up with,” Manuel explains. “Buying from Cafeideas, we got real value for money, great advice and felt comfortable with what we ultimately purchased.”

Follow-up, communication and problem management

Upon delivery, every item arrived in perfect condition within the agreed time frame. “Everything was exactly as we had ordered,” Manuel says. “We didn’t have a single problem with our products or our dealings with Cafeideas and feel very happy that we found their website when we did. We were always able to get someone on the phone when we had questions and weren’t left in the dark wondering about our order. When it all arrived, it was packed well too. Basically, the people at Cafeideas really know their product and they know how to provide excellent customer service.”

Recommending Cafeideas

Manuel says he would recommend Cafeideas without hesitation due to the level of customer service, product knowledge and genuine expertise he received.

From Cafeideas, Bare Grill purchased: a Brice patty maker, a Scotman ice maker, a Goldstein griddle toaster, a Goldstein bbq, a Hamilton beach blender, a LKK chargrill and a griddle hotplate

About Bare Grill

Bare Grill opened in 2014 after Manuel and wife Irene went on a research mission to the U.S. to find the perfect burger. The restaurant serves American-style burgers, steaks and ribs with a supreme focus on New South Wales’ best burger. “We reckon they’re so good, we’re willing to brand our name onto every single one,” Manuel laughs. Every burger does in fact have the Bare Grill logo emblazoned into the top of the bun.

Pride in the quality of the ingredients used is evident in the grass fed beef that goes into every patty. “We use an 80/20 mix because you need the fat for succulence and flavour,” Manuel explains. “And we make everything in-house including all our sauces.”

The sauces had to be worthy of being included with the quality grass fed beef. “Our Bare Sauce is a secret recipe made using top notch ingredients. We also make our own Truffle Mayo and Carolina Sticky BBQ Sauce which our customers literally lick from their fingers.”

Though the menu also includes ribs, buffalo wings and steaks, the burgers are the true stars of the show at Bare Grill. A mountainous burger – the Bare Grill Challenge – has triumphed over all who have attempted it, except one brave man. It features 10 beef patties, 10 rashers of bacon, 10 slices of cheese plus the luscious sauces and a side of fries and everything must be consumed within 30 minutes. The reward is the meal is on the house and anyone who can beat the burger gets their photo up on the Honours wall.

Regulars clamour for the Epic Fries, a superb plate of waffle fries loaded with pulled pork, cheese, chipotle mayo, bacon and shallots.

Bare Grill is BYO and also does a spectacular coffee plus milkshakes and the irresistible Freakshake! Choose from the Nutella Bomb or the Golden Gaytime which literally features a whole Golden Gaytime ice cream.

Offering takeaways for lunch and dinner to the starving beachgoers, locals and tourists, Bare Grill is open from Monday to Wednesday from 11am to 8pm and Friday to Sunday from 11am to 9pm (closed Thursday).