Why is our burner so efficient?

Why do we have faster boil times?

The reason is the hottest part of the flame is on the pot!

The BARON burners are designed to have 18mm between the flame and the bottom of the pot. This means that the tip of the blue flame (1200°C the hottest, most efficient part of the flame) is used rather than the red flame (600°C inefficient part of the flame). Some competitors' burners sit well below the pot base using the cooler, less efficient part of the flame.

BARON equipment has a wide burner that spreads the heat evenly and efficiently which prevents sauces, etc. from burning. Some competitors use a small diameter burner which concentrates heat in a small area, increasing the hance of burning thickened products like sauces, forcing the chef to turn down the flame for a slow result.

Fully protected flame failure device is standard with all BARON burners

Our burners all feature fully protected, individual flame failure devices which cuts off gas automatically if the flame is extinguished by a pot overflow or by fire extinguisher. Our flame failure device is fully protected so if there is a spillage, you will not need a service call to correct a flame failure device. BARON's flame failure goes direct to the pilot, saving energy costs as the main burner can be turned off when not in use.

Some competitor's burners have the main burner to flame failure safety and have to leave the burner on when not in use to avoid having to re-light after each use, wasting energy and cost.

All BARON trivets are well fitting, heavy duty cast iron which helps hold the heat, in turn, saving energy. The trivets are very sturdy and do not move, creating a much quieter kitchen and working environments.

Your benefits from choosing BARON are faster, more efficient and economical cooking, saving you time and reducing your gas bill!