Following a nutritious and balanced diet is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The key of course is finding the right balance. Let’s face it, most of the time its portion control, so yes we can have our cake and eat it too. When cooked properly, deep fried food can be the most comforting of all. Restaurateurs know this, and as it’s one of the most widely used of commercial equipment’s, investing in the right deep fryers is crucial.

Sleek in design, Blue Seal Evolution gas fryers have taken deep frying to a new level, this time with its innovative Vee Ray technology. Available in single and twin pan versions, the range’s unique infra-red burners offer a higher frying output, lower cost production and more efficient heat recovery.

In a busy commercial kitchen, cooking food faster and more efficiently is of utmost importance. Vee Ray’s infra-red burners generate a much higher temperature and faster heating time. Unlike conventional gas burners where the flames transfer heat as they pass the tubes initially and then indirectly the cooking oil, Vee Ray distributes heat evenly over the entire cooking surface, increasing the energy efficiency to almost double. By keeping the oil at consistent frying temperature, the required gas input is substantially lower, resulting in higher volume output and reduced operating costs.

Featured digital thermostat controls on selected models produce much faster temperature readings, regardless of the changes in load capacities. Product timers ensure a quick response to temperature drops and faster heat recovery, minimising wasted heat. In addition to this, with independent digital controls for twin pan versions, users have the option of operating only one of the two frying pans, further lowering their gas consumption and operating costs.

• Gas burner fryers operate with a 90MJ output where industry standard is 130MJ+ and the patented Vee Ray technology infra-red burners still perform without detriment to production rate.
• As per the diagram below, the infra-red burners have more surface area that is being heated and this is one point which improves heat recovery.
• Recent testing has shown that the flue temperature is 400 degrees less than competitor products, which proves that instead of the heat exhausting outside of the product, more of the heat is staying inside the product retaining all of the heat for better heat retention.  

Designed for versatile frying, twin pan fryers are perfect for cooking multiple foods at the same time without the risk of cross contamination. Cooking fish and chips or chicken and chips has never been easier. Simply placing each ingredient in its own pan will not only eliminate the transfer of bacteria onto another item but also ensure both foods are cooked evenly and at the right cooking temperature. With many restaurants fast responding to consumer needs in offering gluten free food, the risk of cross contamination is much higher. Contamination can happen in the most obvious way, and that is the oil in which the food is being cooked in. In this instance where the oil must not be shared, Blue Seal’s twin pan fryer is the ideal solution.

Food segments and by-products created by high heat deep frying will naturally reduce the quality of the oil. Routine oil filtration is paramount in preserving the life of the cooking oil and consistent quality of fried food. Oil degradation is most often caused by: 

• High sediment foods such as onions, freshly battered foods, high flour content
• High water content foods such as fish, frozen goods and French fries
• High cooking temperatures
• Burnt food glued to fryer walls and tubes  

A low cost filtration system, Blue Seal’s Filtamax incorporates a robust and powerful reverse motor pump to get hold of solidified grease, flushing it out in minutes. When more heat is absorbed by the oil, lower flue exhaust temperatures and lower production costs per kilo are likely to result. Easy to use, Filtamax takes only minutes to drain, filter and re-fill the tank. Filtamax is also versatile in that can be used on other fryers, further reducing business expenses.    

View our range of Blue Seal twin pan commercial deep fryers:

Gas models (Vee Ray): GT46, GT46E
Electric models: E44, E44E