It’s that time of the year again. Temperatures drop; shivering customers hurry along and stop where they find a heater. You don’t have any? You might be losing potential customers!

A while back we introduced our range of Bromic heaters. Today we tell you more about the brand new Cobalt Smart-Heat Electric™ heater.

Why should you have an outdoor heater?

- Warm and homey atmosphere. Having an outdoor heater allows you to extend the outdoor season, create a comfortable place, and provide your customers with a cozy experience.

- Enhance your outdoor area. With outdoor heaters, you can expand your outdoor space, if not create it, and expand your database. Customers enjoying might even return and become regulars!

- Simple & Safe. Outdoor heaters are precious tools and provide instant heat. They are much safer than a fireplace and more convenient to operate.

- Low maintenance. Last but not least, they are hassle-free - perhaps one of their biggest advantages! Very little maintenance is required and once you installed them, outdoor heaters will efficiently and quietly do their job.

Why should you choose Cobalt Smart-Heat Electric™ heaters?

- Solid structure. Made of stainless steel and quartz elements, they are reliable and durable. The Bromic outdoor heaters will weather cold temperatures without fail, and heat your customers for years to come. They provide strong heating performance and can cover a large area.

- Attractive design. With their simply yet appealing style, you can easily (and proudly) install these outdoor heaters anywhere. You can choose from different dimension options to perfectly fit your place requirements.

- Wireless Control. You will appreciate this feature, as it will allow you to adjust remotely heating output. Too easy! 

- Easy to clean. The Cobalt Smart-Heat Electric™ heater should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent any build up. Simply wipe surfaces down with a damp cloth and soapy water.

Discover today the new Cobalt Smart-Heat Electric™ heater. Alternatively, find out about the rest of our Bromic range, including hanging, wall mount, ceiling or stand-up heating models.