At Cafeideas, we aren't content with JUST being your primary source of all the commercial kitchen equipment, furniture and accessories that you need to run the business you've always dreamed of on a daily basis. While that certainly is an important part of our business model, we like to take things one step farther and also offer the types of incredible discounts that you just won't be able to find anywhere else! To say a resounding "thank you" to the businesses that we serve on a daily basis for being such valued customer, we're also offering deep savings on a huge variety of different warewashing items in our "End of Financial Year Sale"!

Norris Under Bench Glasswasher and Drain Pump

One item that we're particularly proud to be able to offer is this Norris Under Bench Glasswasher and Drain Pump. It not only sports a 30 second cycle, which allows it to clean up to 1800 glasses per hour, but it also includes both automatic detergent injection and a selectable cold cooling rinse feature! This is the type of tough and reliable glass washer that will dutifully serve you for years to come, thanks to the fact that it was specifically designed to operate under whatever demanding conditions you need!

Cafe Ideas End of Financial Year Sale

Sammic Cutlery Dryer and Polisher

Speaking of reliable equipment, look no farther than this Sammic Cutlery Dryer and Polisher for all of your hygiene needs. In addition to the stainless steel body and polishing tank, this fully automatic unit is capable of an hourly output of up to 3000 pieces - perfect for restaurants or food services businesses of any size! The included germicidal UVC-ray lamp is designed to sterilize both the cutlery inside and the polishing product, allowing you to guarantee the highest level of hygiene that your patrons will come to expect from a reputable business such as yourself.

Sammic Cutlery Polisher

Another item that we're proud to be able to offer in our current sale is this Sammic SAS-6001 Cutlery Polisher, which dries, polishes and even eliminates spotting on cutlery at the fastest possible rate. This unit isn't just speedy - it's capable of an hourly output of up to 8000 separate pieces! This particular unit is also equipped with a motor brake, which goes a long way towards not only shortening stopping time but also reducing vibrations and even improving the overall level of durability of the machine itself!

Whether you've got your eyes on that hot new warewashing item or if you're looking for food preparation machines, bench top equipment or more, check out the rest of our "End of Financial Year Sale" catalogue for more information! These amazing savings aren't going to be around forever, so act fast before you find yourself left behind! At Cafeideas, we're always adding new items to our inventory on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often to see the great equipment that you can use to run the best business possible on a daily basis!