When you do not clean your espresso machine properly, you will be unable to serve the sensational cup of coffee that you would normally be able to. One of the first tips that baristas offer is that, to make a spectacular cup of coffee, you cannot overlook the cleaning process.

Bean Oils and Coffee Deterioration

The reason why cleaning makes the difference between a good cup of coffee and a not-so-stellar one is due to the bean oils that begin to build up in the machine. The bean oil is a natural by-product of roasting coffee and it is released during this process.

The oil has positive and negative effects on your machine. It is good because it gives your coffee the magnificent aroma and flavour that so many seek in a cup of coffee, but these oils can quickly deteriorate which causes a rancid taste. As these oils build up in the coffee maker, the subsequent cups of coffee that you make can have a displeasing taste.

Main Espresso Machine Components

In commercial espresso machines, there are many different parts which are vital in the coffee-making process. These elements not only do their job to make the coffee, but they also are a factor in how well the coffee comes out. Some of the main components that you should keep an eye out for while cleaning your machine are the milk wand, the group head, the porta-filter and the boiler.

How to Clean Your Machine

The milk wand is used for making various types of coffee-based drinks containing different kinds of milks. Every time you use this part of the machine, you should clean it with a moist cloth and blast hot steam from it to get rid of any milk residue.

The group head is the part that passes the pressurised steam through the coffee and allows for you to dispense more than one cup of coffee at a time. Back-flushing is the best way to clean the group head. It involves placing a cleaning coffee solution into the porta-filter, so when you turn the brewing mechanism on and off, the solution will back flush from the porta-filter to the group head to thoroughly clean it.

The porta-filter stores the beans to be brewed and this part can be scrubbed well with water and soap. The boiler stores and heats the water. Mineral deposits often form here, so the boiler should be de-scaled
once every couple of months. You can de-scale the machine with a basic solution of 1:1 vinegar and water or 1:1 parts of water and lemon juice.
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