We don’t mean to be shallow and superficial, but sometimes the way you dress is crucial. Take restaurants for example; the way staff members are dressed will impact on branding, customers’ perception and staff performance.


Dressing your staffs with uniforms should be part of your branding. Just like the colours you select for your venue or the way you lay your tables, uniforms contribute to the overall atmosphere. It’s the cherry on the cake that comes and completes your theme.

It allows your restaurant to have a unified look and feel, and it shows your customers what your place is about. 

Customers’ perception

From your customers’ perspective, uniforms bring a sense of uniformity and consistency. People visiting your place know they can expect the same experience each time they return, and that’s exactly what you should aim for.

Staff performance

Uniforms do have an influence on how staffs feel and act. If dressed the same way, they will definitely feel part of a team working to the same end. Feeling they belong to a group, they will be more confortable and more likely to provide great customer service. Ultimately, you want them to treat customers in a consistent way, and aligned with the rest with your restaurant branding.

Chef works

Chef works has been distributing culinary apparel brand for over 45 years, and supplying the best Chefs all around the world.

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All Chef Works items are made of high quality cotton and offer comfort and sophistication. The fabric is pre-tested for durability and strength, and selected based upon resistance to increase longevity and performance. In other words, with Chef Works you get excellent quality than looks good for an entire shift (and launder easily). 

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