If a commercial dishwasher is not of high quality and has a habit of breaking down at the wrong time, then not only will a loss be incurred, , but also a diminishing customer base that walks out of the door because there aren’t any clean plates and cutlery.

Restaurant and pub owners must also be conscious of the amount of water and energy that dishwashers take up, so investing in a sustainable commercial dishwasher will help keep staff happy in the kitchen while contributing to a reduction in water and utilities bills. Below are some common tips on choosing a commercial dishwasher:

· There are many types of dishwashers, including under-the-counter dishwashers, in-sink glass washers, door type washers, conveyors and flights. When it comes to choosing a commercial dishwasher, estimate how many dishes need to be washed in an hour and the types of items that you will be washing. Some dishwashers only wash pots and others only glasses.

· The normal life for a dishwasher is five years, so invest in a dishwasher that can handle the demand of your peak hours and seasons.

· Make sure it comes with an automatic 'fill and idle' pump shut off feature. These will greatly help save on water and energy. A built-in booster heating unit can also cut down on energy costs. An online research will reveal that these dishwashers clearly state whether or not they come with energy efficient features which are highly recommended for business owners.

· There are high-temp and low-temperature commercial dishwashers. Both are fine, but the high-temp commercial dishwashers are recommended as they use heat to sanitise dishes rather than a chemical bath like the low-temp models. They do, however, use more energy, but they do not damage plastics and flatware.

It’s easy to get caught up in selecting the right commercial dishwasher for a business, so ensuring that the whitegoods best suit the demands of a busy restaurant, pub or cafe will improve the longevity, and keep staff and customers happy.


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