In the food industry, commercial coffee machines are becoming a very necessary piece of equipment to meet your client's needs. No longer is it a case of cafes or restaurants being able to offer instant or percolated coffee – many people expect to enjoy an espresso coffee when they dine out. You may be surprised at how many people avoid restaurants because they know that the coffee is less then exceptional. Therefore, choosing the right coffee machine for your business needs is essential. Don't know what you are looking for or where to even start? Here, we will lay out everything you need to know about finding the right commercial coffee machines for your business.

Who Needs Coffee Makers?

Even if you are not in the restaurant business, do not think you are excluded from the business that needs a coffee machine. There are numerous businesses such as car dealers and salons that use coffee machines to offer their potential clients something soothing to drink. Who wants to drink a bad cup of coffee before making a deal on a car? You do not have to spend a fortune on commercial coffee machines. Other businesses that must have coffee machines are hotels, cafés, clubs, bars, hospitals, shops and caterers.

What to Make With a Coffee Machine?

Commercial coffee makers are better than regular brewers since you are able to create a variety of different coffee creations such as espresso, flat whites, café lattes, cappuccinos, mocha's, macchiato, long blacks and short blacks. But these machines do not only make coffee. You can also use these machines to make a yummy hot chocolate. You can even experiment with the types of coffee creations to make a signature beverage.

Benefits of Commercial Machines for Coffee

When you are searching for the perfect commercial coffee machine for your business, look for the machines that come with many features. These features should be easy to use and read on the machine to avoid any accidents. Some of the features to look out for include self service, hot water and a coin and waiter system.

Especially in the restaurant business, you do not know how many litres of coffee you will have to produce, but we can assume that it is a lot. The better producing output that the machine gives, the better. Try to find a machine that can guarantee at least 40 litres per hour which is approximately 300 cups of coffee. Storing coffee may be an additional benefit so look for a machine that has a storage space of about 5 litres and that has temperature control to keep your coffee fresh. Coffee is best kept at 27 degrees Celsius.

Since the majority of the beverages that you will be making are coffee related, the brewing process of the machine must impress you. Machines that give out the most flavour are those who brew coffee under pressure in a piston assembly because this system allows for the pure, rich coffee flavour to be stored rather than a bitter tasting version.

For the best possible result, every cup of coffee should be freshly brewed from your commercial coffee machine.

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