Cinnamon Beans

Cinnamon Beans are sprouting

For most people, opening a single business is a massive undertaking. But Cinnamon Beans’ owner Vineet Chauhan makes that seem like a piece of cake, having opened three stores in the last year. 

“In the past 12 months I’ve opened stores in Lake Haven and Wyong on the NSW Central Coast and Salamander Bay in Port Stephens,” said Vineet. “This was on top of the Cinnamon Beans cafes I established in Tuggerah and Charlestown in the preceding two years.”

Quickly gathering popularity for its great tasting coffee, cakes and pizza, Vineet’s most recent store in Salamander Bay is his largest to date, seating up to 120 people. 

“We bake our cakes and muffins on the premises and our pizzas are handmade and cooked to order,” said Vineet. “Cinnamon Beans’ rectangular pizzas in flavours such as pesto chicken and Margherita are especially good sellers.”

Vineet first came across Cafeideas when he was setting up his third store in Lake Haven. “I was looking for a particular type of fridge and my previous supplier was unable to source it,” he said. “I searched online and found Cafeideas could get it for me. I looked further into what Cafeideas offered and found they had the other things I needed too.”

Vineet visited Cafeideas’ showroom in Sydney and met with Damien who has since helped him with his orders for the three most recent Cinnamon Beans cafes. 

“I’ve valued Damien’s insight into the advantages offered by different types of products,” he said. “He recommended a particular style of pizza oven that’s made in the US. We bought it and have found it to be very quick and even in its cooking, which means we can get our pizzas out to our customers faster. This has been a great purchase.”

Vineet values the quality of service he receives from Cafeideas as well as its wide range and stock of equipment and furniture. “Of all the suppliers I’ve dealt with, Cafeideas is the best,” he said. “Damien and the staff have excellent product knowledge and can advise you on the best choice for your requirements.”

Recent purchases Vineet has made include a Combi steam oven, 4 burner gas cooktop, deep fryer, speed cook conveyor oven, under bench fridge, under bench freezer, under bench glasswasher, ice machine, milkshake mixer, commercial microwave oven, Tempest blender, cake display, pizza bar chiller, toaster, pass through dishwasher, chairs, planetary mixer, bar cooler, convection oven, conveyor pizza oven, upright fridge, pizza dough roller, stick blender, service cart and tomato slicer.

Such is the success of his stores that Vineet is now considering extending the concept as a franchise. “Now that the brand is becoming established, it makes sense to think about offering it as a franchise,” he said. “There’s a fair bit to consider in heading down that road so I’m currently researching whether it’s the best step to take.”

In the meantime, Vineet has a few other locations in mind for new Cinnamon Beans stores in the near future. 

Cinnamon Beans cafe in Salamander Bay is located at Salamander Bay Shopping Centre at 2 Town Centre Circuit, Salamander Bay. It is open 7 days from 7am each morning, and closes at 5.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and at 9pm on Thursday and 4.30pm on Sunday.  

Cinnamon Beans