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MOFFAT PTY LTD have launched a new range of COBRA combination oven steamers. Available in a 5, 7 or 10 tray capacity the new combination oven steamers introduce the concept of an easy to use combi with a reduced footprint and high performance levels. 

The new COBRA ovens provide a simple, effective system of cooking, one that can be used in small to mid-size kitchens from entry-level restaurants to cafes and takeaway spots. The COBRA combi ovens have been designed and built to meet three main criterias - that they be affordable, functional and reliable.

The main advantage of the COBRA range is the economical price tag. Often the key to small business is simplicity, and COBRA offers the essential range of equipment solutions to meet your needs. What’s more, the range is backed with by the MOFFAT PTY LTD 24/7 service and after sales support that makes all the difference amid the hustle and bustle of the modern day kitchen.

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