We've already talked about how to achieve the perfect grind that your customers are clamouring for and how to go about finding the type of coffee shop style that they will fall in love with. Now, it's time to discuss a topic that far too many coffee shop owners fail to pay attention to: the fact that you need to serve more than just coffee and cake in order to survive. At Cafeideas, we believe that coffee and cake are what get your customers into your store for the first time. If you really want to keep them there, you'll need to look into some of these other high quality items.

Cat Kit Fryergt 46

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Various types of commercial kitchen equipment are a necessity for delivering the type of consistent, outstanding results on a daily basis that your customers will come to depend on. The Blue Seal GT46E Vee-Ray Twin Pan Gas Fryer not only gives you the functionality that you need to take your food service offerings to the next level, but also comes with a digital display temperature control for easy operation at the same time.

Hot Food Displays

What good is the fact that you serve hot food if you can't show it off to customers to let them know how good it really is? Items like the Anvil DGHC0530 Countertop Curved Showcase really have you covered in that regard, allowing you to both make a lasting impression on your customers have that food ready to serve at the exact same time.

A Wood Fire Pizza Oven

If you really want to take your food service to the next level, a wood fire pizza oven is a great way to bring in a completely new level of customer in one fell swoop. The Modular Commercial Wood Fired Oven allows you to prepare pizza and all of the items that your customers will love in a way that is fun and engaging and that fits in perfectly with the visual style of your cafe at the same time.

Bromic Chillers and Cake Display Units

Is hot food not enough and you want to venture a bit into the arena of cold food and cakes? Items like the Bromic UBC0140SD Stainless Steel Under Bench Chiller have you covered in more ways than one. This item is large enough to allow you easy storage of all of the chilled items that you need and compact enough to fit conveniently under your workbench for easy access.

Anvil CGB1001 Cream Charger

Finally, no cafe would be complete without the trusty Anvil CGB1001 Cream Charger at its disposal. This best-selling item is designed to be used in conjunction with certain other appliances for producing the type of delicious whipped cream that your customers won't be able to get enough of. Anvil also makes a pie warmer and other important pieces of catering equipment that you'll definitely want to look at.

For all of your coffee shop or café essentials, whether it be commercial kitchen equipment, café furniture, food displays or the all-important commercial coffee machines, contact Cafeideas today.