At Cafeideas, our mission is always one of empowerment. We want to make sure that you have every last tool necessary to create the coffee shop that you've always dreamed of running. While the quality of your coffee, pastries and other items are important; your style will ultimately be just as essential to your success. Customers don't just want a great cup of coffee - they want a place that they can go to and relax and hang out with friends where they feel right at home. Not only is your style inviting in terms of your customers, but it also helps separate you from every other coffee shop in the area in their minds. If you want to find your style, you'll be able to do so with a few key products.

Toffee Side Chair Galvanised
Toffee Side Chair Galvanised

Toffee Bar Stool

In terms of industrial furniture and the ways in which these items contribute to your visual style, you'll quickly find that cafe chairs are one of the most important elements for one simple reason: volume. You'll have more cafe chairs in your business than almost any other type of restaurant furniture, which is why you should always invest in high quality items like the Toffee Bar Stool. This bold item makes an immediate statement to all patrons who walk through your door for the first time. It's a heavy duty steel bar stool that includes three different industrial finishes for you to choose from and comes in a 75cm seat height. It is also available in ash wood if you prefer. Not only that, but these stools are also stackable for incredibly easy clean up.

Toffee Side Chair

Not all of your customers will necessarily want to sit at a bar stool, however, which is why complementary items like the Toffee Side Chair are so important. This item comes with a heavy-duty steel frame construction, is just as stackable as the stools are and is available in both galvanised and matt red rust industrial finishes. It was also designed with a high curved back to provide maximum comfort at all times, helping to make sure that your paying customers stick around as long as possible.

Compete Blade Folding Cafe Table

No discussion of finding your style through cafe furniture would be complete without taking a look at bar tables. The Complete Blade Folding Cafe Tables line includes a complete cafe table base and table top that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The feet adjust to give you the extra weight that you need and it is available in stunning aluminium and black powder coated finishes to help you find an option that fits in line quite nicely with the feeling that you're trying to create.

These are just a few of the many wonderful commercial kitchen and café furniture products that we offer at Cafeideas that can help you find your style and build the business you've always imagined. Join us next week as we discuss additional coffee shop essentials like food that will help seal the deal and drive those customers directly through your front door.