After a trip to Melbourne, aka foodies’ heaven, we got all excited about all these beautiful cakes, funky drinks and colourful foods. We thoroughly documented on our Instagram feed – go check it out if you have a second to spare! A thought came to us at the end of our colourful saga: why so few places offer super-duper cool-dyed foods?

Ever growing competition pushes you to come up with something to stand out from the crowd. It’s challenging, we know. Something new, something different, something colourful. Have you tried coloured foods? Maybe now is the right time.

It is not a concept working for everyone, but if you can add some colour to your menu then just go for it. It won’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure. Foodies or not, your customers will love it. There will be reluctant ones put off by all these unusually vivid colours, but overall we have no doubt the reception will be fabulous!

Why we think you should make the leap?

  You will attract plenty of attention

  You will see more and more customers lining up at your front door

  The word-of-mouth will be stronger than you can dream of

  You will encourages customers to consume more

  It will become OK to sell a $7 Smurf latte

Blue drinks, black breads, green foods? How cool is that! So many ways for you to show your personality! Get creative - it will be loads of fun for you to create and for your customers to consume. 

Now, what kind of food colouring should you pick? Liquid, gel or powder? We came across this great blog* listing different options, as well as their pros and cons. Natural colourings such as saffron, turmeric and beetroot are also an option.

While it is a fairly safe practice (Europeans have been doing it for years now and as far as we know they are still alive), you might want to check carefully what ingredient you use and make sure it doesn’t contain citric acid!

Looking for inspiration to distinguish from the crowd? Head to Cafeideas blog and get some fresh ideas!



* Please note, we do not endorse this website.