It only takes a few seconds for customers to decide whether they will eat at your restaurant or keep walking to the next one. The decision will be based on a few criteria such as your menu (of course), but also furniture, atmosphere and music.

Have you ever visited a restaurant not playing music? How awkward was it? Will you visit this place again? Music is a crucial ingredient of the mix and its power is undeniable. Business owners often underestimate the latest. Don’t do the same mistake!

- Communicate with your customers
Your furniture, decoration and lighting set the mood. It tells your customer what your place is about. Your music confirms this mood. It helps enhancing your restaurant’s atmosphere and theme, and ultimately attracts the right clientele.

Keep your staff members happy and productive
When listening to music, the “feel good” neurochemical called dopamine is released. Music is a great fatigue fighter and can also increase physical capacity and performance. In other words, it keeps your team in a good mood, active and able to deliver an excellent customer service!

Impact on the table turnover
The music you play has a direct impact on how long your customers will stick around. Running a take-away restaurant? Go for upbeat tunes, encouraging customers to consume as quickly as possible and leave straight after. Managing a fine-dining restaurant? You might prefer calm music, allowing your customers to relax and fully enjoy the moment.

Now you’re convinced you must play music in your restaurant, you might want to consider these few elements.

Is the type of music right for your place?
It should reflect the personality of your restaurant - and not yours or your staff! Instrumental or vocal? Pop or chill-out lounge? Find out what your customers want and select wisely.

Is the volume adequate?
Your customers are only humans and don’t like to scream. If your music is too loud, they won’t be able to communicate with each other, they will get annoyed and leave your place without even thinking of coming back.

What’s your place configuration?
If your restaurant counts different areas, bear in mind sounds will echo in smaller rooms. Again, you don’t want to create a environment too noisy to be enjoyable.

What time is it?
Prepare several playlists that you will play at different times of the day. While your clientele will enjoy a more toned-down music during lunchtime, they might prefer fun and loud music on Friday evening.

No matter what music you decide to play, remember it should enhance your restaurant’s theme and create a unique atmosphere inviting your customers to come back.