There are few things tastier than the absolute perfect, be-all end-all sandwich. A great sandwich is a wonderful thing - it's a rich combination of flavours and textures that combine in a pleasure explosion right in the confines of your very own mouth. At Cafeideas, we consider ourselves somewhat sandwich connoisseurs. Not only do we have very specific ideas about what goes on the perfect sandwich, but also we're also proud to be able to sell you the types of products that you need to make them each and every day for your customer’s right in our product inventory.

Hot Sandwiches

Anybody can take some cheese, a few slices of lunchmeat and a nice pickle, slap it between two pieces of bread and call it a day. Only a true master can build the perfect hot sandwich from the ground up. Even something as minimalist as roast beef and cheese between two sides of ciabatta bread is made that much better when it has been properly heated - and NOT in a microwave.

commercial kitchen equipment for sandwich

One item that you'll definitely want to keep nearby for your entire sandwich making needs is the Sirman PD.VC.L Double Ceramic Sandwich Press. This high quality product features both upper and lower plates that are constructed of durable ceramic glass, making for evenly pressed and wonderfully cooked sandwiches at a moment's notice. The upper plates are both self-balancing and adjustable and a useful drip tray is included to catch any liquids that may otherwise make a mess. The product also comes with a Ceran ceramic-glass cooking surface and a digital thermostat control option for your convenience.

Vegetarian Options

Many people think that you need meat to make the ultimate sandwich - not true. You can replace any type of meat with a few red peppers, cucumbers and other assorted veggies and have something just as delicious, if not more so.

If you're looking for the perfect item to make vegetarian sandwich making easier than you could have ever thought possible, look no farther than the F.E.D. VRX120 Deluxe Pizza and Sandwich Bar Prep Top Unit. Coming in at just 1200mm wide and with a maximum pan depth of 150mm, this unit will make sure that you have all of your delicious sandwich ingredients at arm's length at all times. The stainless steel interior and exterior construction make cleaning the unit a breeze and the Dixell digital temperature control and readout will give you complete control over the temperature of your items.

At Cafeideas, we're honoured to be one of the premiere destinations for commercial kitchen equipment, food preparation machines, bench top equipment and more. Whether you're looking for the tools that you need to make the perfect sandwich or the restaurant furniture that you need to create the environment that you've always dreamed of, we're here to help. We also offer a wide range of different products at incredible discounts by way of sales like our current "Winter Sale", so check back often for the types of unbeatable deals that you just won't find anywhere else.