Dolcetto Bar and Grill

Dolcetto expands at Fox Studios

Dolcetto Dessert Bar in the Entertainment Quarter adjacent to Sydney's Fox Studios has been a popular fixture in the buzzing precinct for more than two years. When space became available next door early in 2010, it seemed the perfect opportunity to add Dolcetto Bar & Grill to the mix.

“By opening the new restaurant, we're able to offer everything from great coffee, savoury and dessert crepes, gelato, pasta, burgers, salad seafood and more,” said manager Michael Iuliano. “Our customers can be seated in either restaurant and we can serve them from both menus.”

The Markovic family – owners of the two establishments – sourced the furniture and many pieces of equipment from café and restaurant supplier, Caféideas.

“There are around 14 dining options around the Entertainment Quarter,” said Iuliano. “People make snap decisions about where they want to eat, and a lot of it comes down to the visual appeal of the café or restaurant. Even after two years of solid use, Dolcetto Dessert Bar's indoor and outdoor café furniture still looks fantastic and as good as new.”

When the furniture and refrigeration equipment were being selected for Dolcetto Bar & Grill this year, the Markovic family returned to Caféideas for assistance.

“We had our plans drawn up for the furniture, but Caféideas made a valuable suggestion to modify the table dimensions,” said Iuliano. “The effect has been that we were able to fit more cafe tables into the dining space, which of course means we can serve more customers.”

Around 80% of Dolcetto's customers work or live locally and the staff have come to know the ‘regulars' quite well. “We can start to make their coffee as soon as we see them approaching,” laughs Iuliano. “We also try to vary the food menu quite frequently and adapt it to seasonal produce, to keep it interesting and appealing to our customers. The one thing we do keep exactly the same though, is the coffee. People expect a consistent experience with their coffee, and we undergo significant training through our supplier, Campos, to ensure that we deliver a great coffee every time.”

Dolcetto Bar & Grill became licensed in September, sponsored by Pernod Ricard. Business has been brisk with customers enjoying the opportunity to dine indoors or outdoors in the vibrant and central location.

“We were very pleased with the speedy service Caféideas has been able to supply us with,” said Iuliano. “They were able to deliver what we needed quickly, and they were also able to source a refrigerator for us that wasn't standard size to match our space requirements.”

Apart from indoor and outdoor tables and chairs, other catering equipment obtained from Caféideas included an Ice Blue sandwich bar, an Anvil storage freezer, Baron Gas cooking equipment and Thermatech bench refrigerators and storage freezers.

“Unfortunately a delivery guy accidentally dented one of the fridges while it was being delivered, and Caféideas replaced it straight away with a new one,” said Iuliano. “They are great to work with – nothing seems to be a problem.”

The Entertainment Quarter is busy with hundreds of local workers and visiting families, many of who stop to enjoy a coffee, gelato or other meal or snack at either of the Dolcetto offerings.

“It's a wonderful and lively place to come to work every day,” “said Iuliano. “And it's great to see the Dolcetto brand thriving.”