Looking back though history, there has never been a decade of influence and inspiration for food quite like the 1960’s. A time when meat loaf, roasts and casseroles were generally found at the dinner table, it was not until the 60’s that our eating habits really started to evolve.

Renowned as the decade of change with increasing numbers of women entering the workforce, the 1960’s saw less meals being prepared from scratch and more ready-made dinners consumed. The introduction of commercial kitchen equipment did stem a major revolution in food preparation and not only in the home front but also in many restaurants and large food service organizations. One invention that took the world by storm was the commercial hand held mixer.

The year was 1964 when French founder, creator and manufacturer Dynamic Co. introduced the world to the first ever commercial hand held mixer. Developed to adapt to every need from 5 to 300 Litre productions, Dynamic mixers became the choice for many chefs and kitchen staff all over the world.

When simple mixing involved placing the product in a plastic container with already attached blades, Dynamic’s sophisticated approach to mixing within any cooking chamber proved truly innovative. Accessories such as a whisk, food mill ricer and cutter bowl compatible with every mixer in the range presented businesses with great advantage for optimizing performance of any given product.

With a variety of processing advantages available, Dynamic’s hand held mixers offer:

• Reliable performance
• Versatility
• Reduced processing time
• Continuous results

A common myth surrounding mixers often uses an example such as: "The container I use for my mix is 400mm high, so if the shaft on my stick blender is 410mm that will be fine..."

This is wrong. When selecting a blender, it is important to consider the consistency and thickness of the mix itself, not just the height in which it sits in the container. When we talk about volume of mixture this could just as likely be in a vast shallow container as much as a tall thin bowl. Keeping this in mind, consider the following series within the Dynamic range.

Mini Range (1 – 8 Litres)
Ideal for light applications
Powerful, reliable and easy to use, the Mini range is ideal for small food preparation. Standard or cordless, its small size offers the freedom, power and versatility to create soups, sauces, dressings and batters for a maximum of 8 Litres at one time.

Junior Range (5 – 25 Litres)
Ideal for light/medium applications
Available in four variations, Junior Standard, Junior Plus, Junior Whisk and Junior Combi, the range is designed to cover all preparation uses with a maximum capacity of 25 Litres. Great for the preparation of soups, dressings and sauces, the Junior Combi also allows users to emulsify, blend, mix, beat and mash.

The Mini and Junior range equally feature a stainless steel mixing tool with sharp titanium plated cutter blades. Cordless battery operated units include a powerful battery and a charging kit for convenience and long life operation. The customized titanium plated emulsifying blade is perfect for adding air to your mixer and enhances the preparation of products containing dairy. Ideal for eggs, cream based soups, soufflés and meringue, plates act much like a whisk offering great flexibility.

Senior Range (8 – 30 Litres)
Ideal for medium applications
A great addition to any commercial kitchen and catering business, the Senior range consists of two units to assist with all requirements. The PMDH 250XL and PMDH 250 Plus XL are both leaders producing a maximum capacity of 30 Litres. The PMDH 250 Plus XL features a detachable stainless steel mixer tool for added flexibility, allowing for additional attachments at any time and need. Variable speed helps with the preparation of any dairy product. A powerful motor offers maximum performance and durability for quickly preparing soups, sauces, dressings, re-fried beans and dairy based products.

Master Range (30 – 80 Litres)
Ideal for medium/heavy applications
The most versatile and advanced of its kind, the Master range is based on a BM 2000 motor block available in kits with optional attachments to suit individual needs and capacities of up to 80 Litres. This innovative solution replaces many machines with the intention of freeing up much work surface space. The mixing tool allows users to mix, puree, blend and emulsify all soups, sauces and gravy. An RPM regulating system controls the same speed whether inside or outside the product. The MDH 2000 Plus and MDH 2000 Plus XL mixer, the latest technology in the Master range, always maintain the same RPM adding longevity to all major components and difficult textured products. The whisk attachment blends well within all applications to give air to the product, perfect for dairy products, eggs, egg whites, meringues, soufflés, creams, pancake and crepe batters and mayonnaise. An optional potato ricer attachment allows users to mash large quantities of potato at one time. For all sorbet, ice cream and gelato emulsion, the Dynaturbo mixer tool attachment is best suited.

SMX Range (75 – 300 Litres)
Ideal for large & heavy applications
The ultimate in food service preparation for heavy duty mixing in large quantities, the SMX range offers unbeatable performance and power. The new cooling technology and double watertight seal ensure longer life of your mixer. Detachable and non-detachable mixer tools allow for quantities of up to 300 Litres at one time. The Pro 800 DSC features a Dynaspeed control technology that detects and regulates mixer speed accordingly to any product texture. Adjustable pot brackets are also available for extra support, safety and convenience when mixing, reducing user fatigue. Practical and convenient they allow for adjustable height, length and angle. A PP97 ricer attachment faultlessly mashes and purees fruit, cooked vegetables, potato and beans for smooth and consistent results.

With 50 years of experience, Dynamic specializes in supplying the most advanced and versatile hand held mixers the food service industry has to offer. A proud partner and supporter, discover the range at Cafeideas by clicking here.