The atmosphere of a busy commercial kitchen is one of excitement to say the least, with sounds of glasses clinking, plates clanking, chef’s instructing. When time is of the essence, efficiency and ergonomics is crucial. Kitchen equipment that takes up as small a footprint as possible whist achieving the highest of results is a must. Electrolux air-o-system is one cooking process that can guarantee you optimum results every time.

Designed for the most demanding of kitchens, Electrolux’s air-o-system provides a complete integrated cooking solution. Also known as cook&chill, it is a process achieved by pre cooking food then rapidly cooling the product down to a determined core temperature in a set time.

The only system on the market that has a compatible blast chiller (air-o-chill) and combi oven (air-o-steam Touchline), businesses can expect:

• Increased shelf life of a cooked product
• Better tasting food
• Increased consistency
• Higher food safety – certified HACCP standards
• Reduced waste & food weight loss
• Shorter serving times
• Optimized workflow
• Lower wage costs
• Energy savings
• Increased profits

Traditionally used by healthcare, large production kitchens and aged care markets, thanks to air-o-steam Touchline, combi oven cooking is now popular with many medium and small businesses too.

Ideal for cooking custard, jam, braised meat, meat, seafood, chicken and vegetables, air-o-steam’s patented lambda sensor accurately measures and controls the humidity within the chamber for optimum cooking results, irrespective of the quantity of the food produced.

Tip: Cooking with the sous vide method can increase the shelf life of your products for up to 28 days. The sous vide probe accessory pugs into the ovens USB port, which reads and controls the internal cooking temperature of the food, minimizing the chance of overcooking the food.

With a new Low Temperature Cooking function, businesses are now able to save up to 50% of food weight loss normally incurred with more traditional cooking cycles. Electrolux air-o-steam’s intelligent and gentle cooking procedures are perfect for roast beef, tenderloin, rump of beef, big joints, leg of lamb, turkey, venison, veal and pork, concealing all juices and flavour normally lost with other ovens. Low Temperature Cooking can also be performed during the evening hours in order to save time and maximize the workflow of kitchens.

Tip: Low temperature cooking allows you to standardize quality in your cooked food, especially in times of bulk production and banqueting, resulting in increase in business and investment.

For example – Annual savings with LTC:

Small restaurant – $2,700+
100 meals a day kitchen staff: 3 people 280 working days a year

Large restaurant – $6,800+
250 meals a day kitchen staff: 8 people 280 working days a year

Hotel – $17,800+
500 meals a day kitchen staff: 16 people 365 working days a year

Hospital – saving of $35,600+
1000 meals a day kitchen staff: 32 people 365 working days a year

Central production kitchen - $81,900+
3000 meals a day kitchen staff: 100 people 280 working days a year

The most energy efficient and Green of its kind, the oven’s steam generator produces steam only when needed, while the automatic cleaning system optimizes the consumption of energy, water and rinse aid. Thanks to the new green functions of the automatic cleaning process, businesses can reduce up to 50% of the running costs, saving energy time after time whilst also preserving the environment within and outside the kitchen.

Environmentally friendly, integrated gas burners in the cavity and boiler combined with a ribbed heat exchanger enhance the efficiency of heat transfer to the cooking chamber, resulting in further savings, notably up to 20% of gas consumption compared to traditional blown burner combi ovens. The innovative conception of the burners also guarantees lower noxious emissions for a healthier working environment.

Perfectly complimenting, the Electrolux air-o-chill blast chiller/freezer provides top performance and simplicity to face even the most extreme workloads. Cycles such as soft chilling, hard chilling, positive holding, shock freezing and freeze holding allow the user to set specific temperatures for individual products.

For example:

Soft chilling (air temp. -2°C): Ideal for delicate foods such as leafy or cut vegetables, seafood, small portions of meat, pastries, small cakes, biscuits, pasta.

Hard chilling (air temp. -20°C): Ideal for solid or firm foods, such as vegetables (grown underground), soups, stocks and sauces, stews and casseroles, whole joints of meat and poultry.

Shock freezing (air temp. -36°C): Ideal for freezing all food for long period of time – raw, half or fully cooked.

Alternatively, a cruise cycle automatically adjusts the working temperature according to the type and size of the food load, terminating the process within normative limits and preventing superficial burns for a sure, safe and perfect chilling. User friendly, the cruise cycle also allows for the use of lesser skilled staff.

Tip: With the Electrolux air-o-chill blast chiller there is no need for pre-cooling the food. The product can be placed in the oven at any temperature and the air-o-chill will automatically adjust the temperature and fan speed to cool the product down in the nominated time without any condensation being frozen in the cabinet.

A new era in commercial cooking, choose Electrolux air-o-system and ensure a longer life of your food and streamlined workflow environment. To find out more about our range click here.

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