One of the great aspects of running a food service business involves the shift that your identity will go through over time. While you definitely have an idea in mind of the type of commercial kitchen that you'd like to run, there also will be a certain amount of flexibility required as you listen to your customers and their needs. You may think that you're just running a pastry business, for example, but soon enough your customers will tell you that they also want breakfast sandwiches or even lunch items, too.

It is inevitable, so you always want to make sure that you have the most versatile small appliances to help make sure that all of your needs are accounted for. Cafeideas has all the essential commercial kitchen small appliances that you will need.

F.E.D. GH-811E Large Single Contact Grill

One of the most important items that you'll definitely want to look into is the F.E.D. GH-811E Large Single Contact Grill. This high quality small appliance offers temperature control of between 50 and 300 degrees Celsius, high quality non-stick cast iron plates and more. It's perfect for not only making breakfast items but also pressing warm sandwiches and other types of food of that nature. The all stainless steel body makes cleaning the unit an absolute breeze, as well.

F.E.D. GH-811E Large Single Contact Grill

F.E.D. GH-811E Large Single Contact Grill

LKKCG3-2 2 Burner Gas Char Grill

Another high quality item that you'll want to look into is the LKKCG3-2 2 Burner Gas Char Grill. At just 300mm in size, this item is compact enough to fit into even the busiest of kitchens without making any type of significant adjustment to the layout. In addition to industry leading insulation and a convenient undershelf, this item features 304-grade stainless steel for its body construction. Not only will you never have a problem cleaning it, but the high quality stainless steel also means that it can stand up to just about anything that you can throw at it.

Roller Grill 400 CFE Single Crepe Machine

The Roller Grill 400 CFE Single Crepe Machine, one of our best-sellers, is another piece of equipment you might want to consider. It can be used to make traditional French crepes or less-traditional Chinese crepes - no matter what’s your recipe, it will allow you to cook wonders for sure. Its stainless steel construction is synonym of solidity and durability. Plus, its cat iron plate is an excellent heat conductor and it allows a better and even cooking.

At Cafeideas, we believe that these are just a few of the high quality small appliances that are essential for any commercial kitchen. We have many more similar products available on our site right now, making sure that you always have the machinery to run the business that you've always dreamed of when you need it the most. We're always adding new items to our inventory, so be sure to check back often to see what Cafeideas has in store for your business today.