A while back we baked pizza here at the showroom and between 2 bites of yumminess, one of our sales persons (Vibha, not to mention her) suggested it would be a great idea to write an article about the Exquisite MTC360H unit. “This pizza preparation chiller unit is great and deserves to be featured in our blog”, she said.

The MTC360H sandwich / pizza prep. chiller is reliable, esthetically appealing and versatile. In other words, it combines all the features you want and need.

Both internal and external parts include stainless steel, which means they are solid, durable and reliable. This unit is built to last and weather the toughest conditions with ambient temperatures rising up to 43°C. Plus, the stainless steel finish will give a glowing shine to your place!

You will also appreciate the marble top bench. It looks beautiful and is easy to clean. While it is primarily for sandwich preparation, it is also perfectly suitable for pizza preparation.

The MTC360H unit is equipped with a dynamic fan forced cooling system that improves the air circulation and makes sure that, no matter what shelf your foods are sitting on, they will be chilled and protected the exact same way.

The self-closing doors will minimize opportunities for the chilled air to sneak out, better managing temperatures. The integrated handles will also help you to be faster when opening and closing the doors during rush hours.

This Exquisite sandwich / pizza preparation chiller includes an automatic defrosting system (here you can thank our supplier for this feature). This way, you won’t need to manually defrost the frost buildup, and get a more uniform temperature throughout the unit.

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