Are you starting a new business? Refurbishing your place? Do you need financial advice? Don’t stress, we are here to help. We understand planning your finance is a crucial part of your project and it can be overwhelming. We are here to bring some clarifications on the several finance options we offer.



Operating in 3 countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada), Silver Chef has been serving the hospitality industry for 30 years and has already helped over 30,000 customers.

This finance option is all about flexibility. With their Rent-Try-Buy option, they let you try equipment and furniture during 1 year before you decide what to do with it. At the end of the term, you are offered 5 options:

- Upgrade: give back the equipment you rented and upgrade to something better.
- Purchase: purchase the equipment - you can actually do it at any time during your contract and receive 75% of the net rent you have paid.
- Rent: continue to rent the equipment – you can return it anytime.
- Return: simply return the equipment after the contract ends.
- Easy own: rent for another 3 years and see your weekly rent decreased by 30%.



The application process is extremely easy and only involves minimal paperwork. No security bond, no deposit, no documentation fees. You can apply in-store or even over the phone.

This finance option is perfect for those of you who exactly know what they want and do not require flexibility. The only option available at the end of the contract is to purchase.

Simply choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4-year term contracts to rent the equipment and own it at the end of the term for only $1.



Thorn is a leading Australian provider of financial services and offer 2 types of options: rental and chattel mortgage.

The rental option is a 1 or 2-year contract and at the end of the term, you will be offered 4 options:

- Upgrade: upgrade your equipment and commence a new contract.
- Purchase: negotiate your own purchase price.
- Rent: continue to rent the equipment.
- Return: simply return the equipment after the contract ends.

The chattel mortgage option involves more paperwork and is suitable for established businesses able to provide more financials. This finance option allows you to own the goods from the start and take full ownership of the equipment once the final payment has been received.

All these options offer great tax benefits and you can claim your rental payments for tax deductions at the end of the financial year*. We invite you to visit Cafeideas website to find out more.

Feel free to give a call to our sales team on (02) 9690 2116 to discuss these options and get more details.


*Your annual turn over must be less than $2M and equipment purchase less than $20K. To find out more visit our website.