Wobbly, wonky, rocky, shaky, you name it, there is nothing more frustrating than sitting down at an uneven table. I have experienced it and so have you. You reach over to grab some sugar; the table rocks and spills your coffee. A spoil to an otherwise pleasant time.

What is irritating for customers is also extremely tiresome for members of staff endlessly searching for napkins, coasters, and pieces of cardboard to correct the table’s imbalance. As frustrating as it can be, over time a table’s feet tent to wear off and the use of a napkin can only be temporary.

Continuous customer complaints and departures can significantly impact a business’s profitability, customer service and reputation. An unhappy customer is unlikely to return.

Determined to make wobbly tables a thing of the past, FLAT Technology offers the ultimate solution for café’s and restaurants large or small. Applicable to different table bases, FLAT’s patented actuator device (PAD) is cleverly fitted underneath a base’s mould to help stabilize any uneven surface.

FLAT’s self-leveling and stabilizing system is quite simple. Using a type of sunflower oil the system’s interconnected actuators communicate through multi lumen tubes to detect an uneven surface. When its feet compress, the fluid is forced to travel though a series of tubes to the remaining feet forcing each to expand and lock into place. It is this locking system that ensures a stable and level top. Every time the ground surface changes, the feet automatically adjust avoiding the irritating wobble that would normally occur, any disruption in service or customer complaint.

Irritating nonetheless, wobbly and misaligned tables can further injure a business in unnecessary wage costs, repeat complementaries, loss of customers, and loss in potential sales. Can you relate to this? Here are some key questions to consider.

1. How much time does my staff take stabilizing tables?
2. What is the average wage cost per hour spent on my staff stabilizing tables?
3. Have I lost any customers due to unstable tables and how much money has my business potentially lost?
4. On average, how much do I spend on complimentary drinks for unhappy customers?
5. What is the potential cost of not using any tables due to stability issues?

This is where FLAT can help. Reduce unwanted costs and increase sales today!

Solution 1
When staff spends approximately an hour each morning aligning tables and adjusting them to stop the wobble, that costs your business extra time and money. When you use FLAT tables staff simply place the tables at the desired spot and move on to other work.

Solution 2
Do you have an outdoor space unutilized due to an uneven floor? Could that space fit another dining table? Think about any other floor space that keeps empty. The FLAT system can help your business reach its full potential by identifying possible indoor and outdoor areas to generate more sales.

Solution 3
Catering for large group gatherings has never been easier than with FLAT Technology. The hydraulic technology will seamlessly align the desired number of tables eliminating any wobble or lip between each table. Accommodating to different customer needs, typically for larger groups, will not only maximize your sales opportunity but also leave a positive and lasting impression with your customer.

Set the stage for a successful business and choose FLAT Technology. Cafeideas is a proud and exclusive distributor of the range, so if you would like to find out more click here.