As the temperature rises and everyone’s thoughts turn to summer, you’ll want to make sure you can offer customers the chance to cool down with a refreshing cold drink. If you’re in the process of designing your café or thinking about adding to your menu, having the right catering equipment means you can tempt customers with a range of thirst-quenchers. Here are several drink machines that will prove essential in your café when the days are sunny and hot:

Cold Drinks for Summer
Cold Drinks for Summer


With a powerful commercial blender, you can blend, puree, chop or grind virtually anything. With this piece of essential equipment, you can offer smoothies, milkshakes, frappes, slush drinks, frozen yoghurt and cocktails—all made in one compact machine. Simple to clean and maintain, a blender is perfect for a busy café or restaurant, and will no doubt prove to be the piece of equipment you cannot do without this summer. If you already have a blender but it was heavily used last summer, then now’s the time to order a second one or a larger one.


Many people are keen to start their day with a wholesome and revitalising freshly squeezed juice or juice-based smoothy. They can be time consuming to make at home, though, so being able to pick one up from a café is definitely attractive for many customers. Having a juicer on hand in your café will entice hot and thirsty customers in the door and enhance your café’s reputation for offering delicious and healthy options.

Milkshake Mixers

Adding some fun to your enterprise, a milkshake mixer offers customers the chance to indulge in a little nostalgic treat at your café. Milkshakes are also a great option for children over the summer. Perfect for making sure your milkshakes are thick and creamy, this piece of equipment will quickly pay you back with high demand and very little hassle.

Drink Dispensers

If you’ve got a busy, casual café, you may wish to provide a drink dispenser so customers can serve themselves drinks. Instead of having to constantly pour drinks, this can save time for you and allow customers to choose from several drink options themselves. This may be just what people want when it’s hot outside and they need a quick pick-me-up. Perhaps sodas and water can be served from a dispenser, enabling staff to concentrate on preparing food and more expensive, time-consuming beverages.

Ice Shavers

Adding ice to a drink can really boost its cooling, thirst-quenching potential, and with some of the summers we’ve been experiencing in the last few years, an ice cold drink may be exactly what everyone’s looking for. Commercial ice shavers can crush ice to the consistency you require and are perfect for adding to cold drinks, making cocktails and serving food on a bed of ice. If you don’t have one already, you’ll love the convenience.