At Cafeideas, we love stainless steel. Few materials are capable of putting off that natural shine and overall brilliance in quite the same way that stainless steel does. Few materials look good in any environment - from a kitchen sink to commercial kitchen equipment and everything in between. Few materials are also as durable and long lasting as stainless steel is.

Goldstein Burner Oven

Despite these natural benefits, many people shy away from purchasing stainless steel anything due to a perceived difficulty with keeping it clean. Doesn't stainless steel show marks easily on my shiny new Belleview Chilled Counter Top Display? Won't you be spending a huge amount of your time wiping off those fingerprints that seemed to pop up out of nowhere on your new Goldstein 6 Burner Gas Static Oven? Giving your stainless steel that perfect shine is actually quite easy, so long as you go about things in the right way.

Homemade Solutions

Whenever you clean any type of surface near where food is prepared, you always need to keep a few things in mind. This is especially true in a commercial kitchen, where you're preparing food for the countless customers that are walking through your door throughout the day. Harsh chemicals may not only damage your stainless steel surfaces, but they could make your customers sick and damage your reputation if used improperly.

Because of this, one of the best ways to give your stainless steel the perfect shine and eliminate all of these fears is to use a simple baking soda and water combination. Not only will this help decontaminate the surface, but it will also remove all dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints before you know it. This is a great option for people who don't want to have to worry about keeping up with orders for specially designed cleaning products.


There are a few specific types of issues that baking soda and water alone might not be strong enough to overcome. When working in a commercial kitchen, for example, you will often be dealing with issues like water spots that not only diminish the shine of your stainless steel, but also instantly make the kitchen look much dirtier than it really is.

However, you're in luck - so long as you have some vinegar around, you have everything that you need to remove water spots with minimal effort. Make sure that you use white vinegar for the best results. Also, always make sure that you're using a clean, soft cloth when wiping down your stainless steel or you run the risk of creating new scratches that will be very expensive to fix if you're not careful.

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