Are you missing out on sales by not offering a gluten-free alternative?

To show you how easy it is to add Gluten-Free Pizzas to your existing pizza menu, thereby accessing a new market and adding companion sales to your existing market, we've prepared this one-page business case.

Why Sell Gluten-Free Pizzas?

As a part of the growing consumer focus on wellness and wellbeing, interest in gluten-free products is growing rapidly. Research has shown that up to 1 in 50 Australians has Coeliac Disease and 1 in 10 Australians suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Sufferers of these conditions show considerable improvement when living on a gluten-free diet and many opt to follow the diet full-time. In addition a growing number of health-conscious individuals are moving to a gluten-free diet in order to enhance their day-to-day wellbeing.

By adding Gluten-Free pizzas to your existing pizza menu you gain access to this market, as well as to their friends, family, etc., who may not be living gluten-free. Anecdotal evidence suggests that if one person in a group has a special dietary requirement, the whole group will choose to eat at a restaurant where that requirement is catered for.

How do I do it?

Once the problem of a high-quality gluten-free pizza base has been solved, the changes required to provide gluten-free pizzas are relatively straightforward. In order to add Gluten-Free pizzas to your existing pizza menu you will need to:

  • Buy a good gluten-free pizza base – Silly Yak Foods manufactures Gluten Free pizza bases in 9”, 11” and 13” sizes. They are manufactured in a 100% gluten-free environment, freeze well and come in a handy two-pack.
  • Identify ingredients that you are currently using which are not Gluten-Free. Typically only the processed meats and some sauces will contain gluten.
  • Source a Gluten-Free ham. There are several reputable brands on the market. You may also require other gluten-free topping alternatives.
  • Acquire a separate set of utensils (cutter, server and trays) for making Gluten-Free pizzas.
  • Train staff in how to ensure that the pizza being made remains Gluten-Free.


Despite the cost of Gluten-Free bases, you can maintain your existing margins on Gluten-Free pizzas. By charging a $3.00 surcharge on each Gluten-Free pizza (a practice which is becoming standard in the Australian pizza industry) you can ensure that your existing margins are not affected. Gluten-free ham is slightly more expensive, but this is offset by the saving of not having to use your own base. The once-off costs of new utensils, training, etc., can be recouped over three months' Gluten-Free pizza sales.

Real-World Example

Approximately six months ago a popular pizza restaurant in regional Victoria decided to offer Gluten-Free pizzas by purchasing pizza bases from Silly Yak Foods. They charge a $3.00 surcharge on each Gluten-Free pizza which their customers are happy to pay. Six months down the track they are selling an average of 30 Gluten-Free pizzas per week. In addition the owners estimate that over 50% of Gluten-Free orders include significant additional companion sales.

After six months they have improved their turnover by:

  • An average of 30 Gluten-Free pizzas per week (at the same margin as normal pizzas);
  • An average of 30 normal pizzas per week (as companion sales); and
  • Additional drinks, desserts, etc. (also as companion sales).


To find your local distributor of Silly Yaks Gluten Free Pizza Bases, visit or call Silly Yak Foods on (03) 9350-2255 today!