If there is one type of furniture that you can guarantee will be put through its paces over the years, it's the type of furniture used in many cafes, bakeries and restaurants across the country. When these items see essentially constant periods of heavy use day in and day out, certain types of issues can appear unavoidable. Case in point: who among us hasn't had a run in with a table that seemed to be working fine just a minute ago, but now appears to have developed a case of the wobbles?

Now, thanks to Cafeideas and our new line of Flat Technology table bases, you won't have to worry about the wobbly table problem ever again.

What Are Flat Technology Table Bases?

Flat Technology table bases are exactly that - ones that are designed with a versatile self-levelling system to help both automatically stabilize the table itself and allow you as a business owner to align your table tops in any way that you see fit - guaranteed. Flat Technology is constantly sensing and adjusting to the surface below, making sure that the surface area is always safe and secure at all times.

Wobbly tables are one of the most common (and most costly) complaints in the food service industry. Now, thanks to Cafeideas and Flat Technology, you won't have to worry about it anymore. You can provide a better level of service to your customers, improve your brand's reputation and increase revenue all in one fell swoop.

Easter Sale on Table Bases

As if the benefits of Flat Technology weren't enough, we're also proud to announce that we're currently running an Easter promotion that will allow you to stretch the normal savings that you've come to expect from Cafeideas even further. A large amount of items from our robust inventory are heavily discounted during this time, like the Corsica 4 Way Aluminium Table Base. Available in either an aluminium or black finish depending on your needs, this high quality item includes adjustable feet and extra weight to help make sure that your table stays in one place at all times.

Corsica 4-Way Aluminium Table Base
Corsica 4-Way Aluminium Table Base

During the sale you can also save an additional 10% off all orders placed over $2000 and a whopping 15% of all orders placed over $5000 (excluding GST), extending these incredible values even further.

Whether you're looking for a way to get rid of your wobbly table problems once and for all or are just looking for new table bases to give your restaurant that look you've been after, Cafeideas is here to help. You can check out these and all of the other wonderful products that are on sale during Easter by checking out our Easter Sale catalogue here. We've got deals on everything from industrial style furniture to outdoor chairs to commercial kitchen equipment and more. These savings aren't going to be around forever, so be sure to check out our promotion before you miss out!