A cooking technique dating back to 18th century Europe, to julienne was to cut food into thin strips, to resemble matchsticks. Often used when preparing soup, the method has remained popular to this day, with many chefs using it for presentation purposes too. While the technique is easy to master, for many busy kitchens time is of the essence, so the use of machinery is most welcome.

Designed to suit any sized kitchen, Hallde vegetable preparation machines and combination cutters are ideal for chopping, slicing, dicing, grating, shredding, crimping and of course julienning. When used to its full potential, the benefits are endless.

The most cost efficient of preparation machines, Hallde’s comprehensive range is also reliable and easy to use. With rent, electricity, water and food costs on the rise, choosing the right kitchen equipment is essential for any business large or small.

A good return on your investment, Hallde food processors allow businesses to save time and money from day one. The machine’s wide feed hopper is a clear advantage when larger volumes are involved. If a dish requires onions, potatoes, carrots and celery, the feed hopper is able to process all ingredients at the same time, shortening the process and eliminating the need for skilled staff or manual force.

Fun fact: Hallde’s RG-350 high capacity vegetable processor can process up to 1200 portions per day, 30kg per minute with feed hopper and 12kg per minute with manual feeder.

Hallde’s versatile range also features replaceable blades suitable for many applications. From a 0.5mm to 20mm fine cut slicer, users can slice firm and soft products such as root vegetables, capsicums, onions, leeks, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, citrus fruits, bananas, mushrooms. What’s more all Hallde blades are made of stainless steel instead of alloy, making them the only cutting tools in the world to be dishwasher safe.

Fun fact: Hallde cutting tools are very cost effective as they feature easily replaceable knife blades, which means no need to replace the entire cutting tool as other machines do, only the blade.

When preparing food consistency is key, and what better way to portion control your vegetables than with a Hallde processor. The clean and gentle cut of the machine allows for all ingredients to be sliced to the same thickness, eliminating the percentage of food wastage with each application. The gentle blade is also less likely to bruise the food ensuring a longer shelf life.

Constructed from heavy duty metal, Hallde preparation machines guarantee a long life and years of reliable performance.  With a strong emphasis on an ergonomic leaning design for its vegetable preparation range, users can expect a less strenuous operation as the push feeder works away from the operator’s chest. This also allows for a full view inside the feed cylinder and an easy access to position ingredients.

A perfect alternative to some of the larger units, Hallde’s RG-50 combination cutter is ideal for smaller kitchens producing around 80 portions a day. The machine can process up to 2kg of fruit, vegetables, dry bread, cheese, nuts and mushrooms per minute. The compact design is also lightweight making it easy to carry and store away.

A significant cost benefit, Hallde’s use of no electronic circuit boards has also added to its list of advantages. Hallde’s mechanical build has time and again proved more reliable in the harsh and damp kitchen environment, eliminating the need for replacement of electronic boards, which can be very expensive.

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