Each year hundreds of restaurants fall prey to horrific fires destroying much of their business and even forcing some to close down. Predominantly started in the kitchen environment, the result is often heartbreaking costing businesses thousands of dollars in damages.

Often thought to be a hazard in itself, the close proximity of cooking equipment along with hot cooking surfaces, high burning oils, grease buildup, cleaning chemicals and the improper use of equipment all impose potential threats for the littlest of fires. Extremely dangerous to the business and its surroundings, one cannot stress enough the importance of proper installation and use of exhaust hoods and ventilated ceilings in the kitchen area.

A world leader in its own right, Halton offers café’s and restaurants, canteens, hotels, and many other food service organizations the ultimate ventilation solution. Designed to meet individual kitchen requirements, Halton offers:

• Energy Efficiency & Safety
• Indoor Environment Quality
• Emission Control

The only system capable of reducing your energy bill by up to 50%, Halton Capture Jet technology helps increase hood efficiency by capturing and negative particles and pressure within the canopy, preventing heat and impurities from cooking equipment spreading around the work area. The hoods small air jet pushes any upward flowing thermal current toward the filters expelling any grease particles. Compared to conventional exhaust only canopies, this technology produces significantly lower exhaust volumes for the extraction of equal heat loads lowering much of the businesses operating costs.

In a high-pressure commercial kitchen, comfortable working conditions are essential for worker productivity. By reducing the cooling capacity required in the work area, Capture Jet helps businesses maintain the appropriate working temperature and air quality to ensure employee comfort, safety, fire prevention, lower maintenance and operating costs. For a smoke free and odour free environment, Halton’s Pollustop air purification system is also incorporated into this ventilation solution where control of airborne pollutants at the discharge point is required.

Fun fact: Halton’s Capture Jet technology includes unique grease separators constructed to remove 95% of grease particles. Also known as the filter honeycomb, this high efficiency grease filtering system is achieved by forcing the air to continuously flow in the same direction. Compared to a traditional grease filter, the honeycomb design allows for less pressure loss across the filter, reducing the need for extra energy use.

The most efficient system in the market, the Halton Capture Ray UV-C grease destruction technology works alongside Capture Jet to further improve business performance. For grease free and fire safe ducts, the unit separates over 70% of grease particles, leaving smaller particles to oxidize within its UV-C technology. Cleverly designed to increase your cooking performance, businesses can expect higher heat recovery, reduced odours, less exhaust air volume of 30-40% and decrease in maintenance costs.

Designed to face even the most challenging of kitchen environments, Halton’s M.A.R.V.E.L. (Model based Automated Regulation of Ventilation Exhaust Levels) system features multiple infrared sensors to respond to different cooking stages, adjusting its exhaust and supply rates accordingly. What’s also great about this monitoring system is that it can control even your freezer and fridge temperature, compressor cycling and lights.

Fun fact: Depending on your kitchen operating hours and different cooking activities, Halton’s M.A.R.V.E.L. is capable of reducing your energy usage between 15-50%.

Equip your kitchen with world class Halton hoods today and ensure a safe and healthy work environment for your employees. To find out more about the range click here.