A meat slicer is without doubt one of the must-have tools we should find in your kitchen, no matter if you are a sandwich shop, a restaurant or a deli store. Incredibility versatile, it allows you to slice meat, vegetables, fruits and cheese. 

You will find on our website a wide range of slicers with different capabilities and features, and we understand selecting the right meat slicer can be overwhelming. No worries, we are here to help.

First and foremost, you should define what you will slice and how much. Then, it all depends on the budget you are willing to spend.

1. Light-duty slicers

These slicers are ideal if you are planning to slice meat in small quantities. They can’t operate for longer than 2 hours per day or would risk burning out quickly.

These light-duty slicers are simple and, while they can be operated safely, they don’t offer as many safety features as other models.

2. Mid-range slicers

These slicers have larger blades and can be operated for a longer period of time.

While all the models are designed to slice meat and vegetables, some of them can handle cheese slicing

3. Heavy-duty slicers

These heavy-duty slicers can be operated for several hours per day and slice anything: meat, vegetables and cheese. 

They come with more usability and safety features, and offer more precision, safer operation and smoother use.

While heavy-duty slicers are more expensive than the rest of the range, you will make up the cost difference more quickly than you think with an increased productivity and safety.

4. Manual vs automatic

Manual slicers will be ideal if you slice a small amount of food, as it is operated manually and requires constant staff assistance and is physically demanding.

Automatic slicers, on the other hand, are equipped with an electric motor, which means then can continuously slice a large amount of food without staff assistance. 

Purchasing a meat slicer allows you to slice more, better and ultimately, to improve efficiency of your food service. Browse today through our wide range including the great brands Brice, Grange and Noaw.