Creating a kid-friendly restaurant is a decision that will pay dividends in a wide range of different ways. For starters, not only are you creating the most welcoming environment possible for patrons of all types, but also if you do things properly you can actually give kids something to do to keep them occupied while they wait for their meal. Your employees will thank you, other customers will thank you and parents will definitely thank you most of all. If you want to create a kid-friendly restaurant, there are a few key ideas to explore.

Anvila Aire Ice Cream Display

Cocoon 4 Piece Lounge Setting

If you ask a child what their number one priority is when it comes to restaurant seating, the answer will undoubtedly be the same regardless of your sample size: comfort. With an item like the Cocoon 4 Piece Lounge Setting, you get one coffee table, two single sofas, and one triple sofa. All items are as comfortable as possible and still put forward the professional look that you're after. These outdoor seating options come with an aluminium frame, are a hand woven wicker lounge setting, and have a UV resistant flat PE wicker rattan. Kids will have fun sitting in such a comfy chair and their parents will enjoy them just as well, too.

Keep Them Entertained

Even going above and beyond your ability to make kid-friendly dishes, there are a few key steps that you can take to make little ones excited to dine in your establishment. If you keep crayons, colouring sheets and other kid-friendly items up by the concierge desk or front counter, for example, a waiter can pass them out to any little ones along with the menus for adults. If you have television sets in your restaurant like a sports bar would, you may also choose to keep kid-friendly DVDs on hand to play all-ages content during dining sessions when children are most likely to be around.

Cold Comfort

Children are inherently visual - the most detailed description on a menu for a particular item might mean nothing to a young child, but if they saw an image or even a real-life example of the same item they might start to get excited. As a result, items like the Anvil Aire Ice Cream Display are so important - they give a child an active role in the food service process. This is perfect for both scoop and pre-packed ice cream and comes with high quality LED lighting. It also includes heated front glass and a high quality auto defrost feature to make sure that the display is always clear, even when the temperature outside starts getting warm.


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