Love your beautiful wooden tabletops? Heartbroken they get scratched all the time? Don’t throw your tables away just yet, we know a few (unconventional) ways to get rid of all these marks and we happily share some tips with you.

Small scratches

Small scratches are only on the surface and don’t actually penetrate the wood underneath the finish. In that case you simply need to fill in the scores. We have 2 options for you to choose from:

1. Apply some paste wax over the surface and buff. Super simply, super quick and it does the trick perfectly!

  • 2. Mix lemon juice + olive oil, moisten a cloth with this mixture and rub it over the scratched area until it disappears.

Big scratches

Big scratches are deeper and actually go through the surface, into the wood. You will know it’s the case when there is discoloration and the colour goes lighter. In that case, you need to recolor the grooves to make them disappear.

1. Choose a “color agent” from the following options

. Furniture wax

. Nuts

. Coffee grounds

. Tea bag

. Marker / pencil

. Shoe polish

2. Follow the direction of the scratch and apply the color with the small brush or any other kind of applicator.

3. Once the scratch is colored, apply some wax on the surface to restore the finish.

Watch this interesting video below and see by yourself!