There are few things quite as satisfying as a good Belgian waffle. It's the type of treat that makes the absolute perfect breakfast, but also feels like a great dessert at the same time. If you're a restaurant owner and are looking to extend your waffle-making abilities to your patrons, remember that a cook is only as good as the equipment that he or she is using. With that in mind, if you want to make the perfect Belgian waffle, there are a few items that we at Cafeideas cannot recommend highly enough.

Waring Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Roller Grill GES 70 Waffle Machine

If you want to make the perfect Belgian waffle for your customers, one item that you're definitely going to want to learn more about is the Roller Grill GES 70 Waffle Machine. Made in France, this item features cast iron plates, a high quality temperature thermostat and makes one waffle at a time. In addition to a removable dip tray, this item is also incredibly compact - at just 10 by 10 mm in size, it will fit comfortably in just about any environment it is required and will continue to reliably serve you for years to come.

Waring WW200E Double Waffle Maker

Do your patrons love Belgian waffles and you're looking for a way to increase your speed but maintain your standard high quality at the same time? Look no farther than the Waring WW200E Double Waffle Maker. This double Belgian waffle maker can make up to 50 18 cm waffles per hour. In addition to embedded heating elements (for easy operation) and non-stick plates (for easy cleaning), the rotary feature also allows this unit to be used for baking, browning, and similar types of functions. It features a space-saving, dual-sided design and offers all of the electronics and reliable insulation that you need to run a high volume kitchen and still put out the best possible product each and every time the need arises.

Silex GTT-521 Belgian Style Single Waffle Baker

Another incredible piece of equipment that will help you on your quest to make the perfect Belgian waffle is the Silex GTT-521 Belgian Style Single Waffle Baker. It features both housing and a bonnet that are made of stainless steel, making cleaning the unit an absolute cinch. The plates themselves are made from heavy-duty cast iron and are handmade, giving you access to the best quality materials at unbeatable prices. The electronic control panel also allows you to take complete control over both temperatures and baking times, allowing you to adjust the machine on the fly as volume demands.


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