Industrial style interior design has been a popular trend in the bar and restaurant world for the best part of a decade now; in fact, bare brick walls, stainless steel finishes and plumbing-pipe shelving have become almost a cliché in hip cafes and bars. There is much more to the industrial trend than a passing fad, however. Those hard surfaces, simple lines and durable materials don’t just look great, they are also amazingly hardworking and functional in any commercial setting.

The Elements Of Industrial Style

Key materials for incorporating the industrial style into your indoor and outdoor seating are wooden surfaces, ideally made from reclaimed planks or strips of wood, and metal legs, supports and structures. If that all sounds too bland, look for powder-coated metal in bold, bright colours or products that mimic the clean lines and simple style of industrial furniture in man-made materials like UV-stable plastics. Café Ideas loves the Nardi outdoor seating range for its huge array of styles that marry simple lines and shapes with modern and practical materials.

Nardi Regina Chair Orange
Nardi Regina Chair Orange

Making Industrial Style Work For You

Industrial Furniture is a fantastic choice for any location where you need furniture that can withstand sun, rain and wind while still looking amazing. It’s also a style that you can carry through from your internal restaurant design to your outdoor seating and eating areas.

Industrial Style Furniture
Industrial Style Furniture

Beachside businesses may want to avoid stained or varnished wooden finishes, as the salt and wind is likely to have a blasting effect on the wood’s finish. Industrial-style pale, stripped woods look great by the beach, adding a driftwood charm and industrial edge to your restaurant design.

Stackable stools, and those that have holes in the seat to aid carrying and make it easier to drain off water after the rain, are a real boon for any business with a small outdoor seating area that can be exposed to the elements.

Combining Industry And Comfort

All those straight lines and hard surfaces might be perfect for food production and service but, let’s face it, rough-hewn wood and cold, hard metal aren’t the most comfortable surfaces for settling down to enjoy a drink. To mitigate this, look for bar stools that feature industrial legs and supports, but have adjustable seats with rounded edges for comfort. Vintage bar stools and chairs have the advantage of being pre-worn, so their wooden seats are more contoured and supportive.

Back rests can help to create a more comfortable experience for the user and they also make bar seating more practical, particularly outside where the back rest is a useful place to hang coats and bags.

Removable PU seat pads can create versatile and comfortable go-anywhere industrial seating. Simply remove the pad during summer when the furniture is to be mainly outside and reinstate it in winter or when your bar stools are moved back indoors.