At Cafeideas, we understand that our robust selection of furniture is one of the most important elements of your business. It is only one element out of many, however. We pride ourselves on not only allowing you to find the solution you need to create the exact environment you've always wanted for your cafe, bakery or other restaurant, but also in empowering you to do so at the most affordable prices possible. It is with the spirit of that goal in mind that we are proud to announce our ongoing Easter Sale that will allow you to extend our normal, everyday savings even further. If you're looking for industrial style furniture at prices that won't eat into your bottom line, you've certainly come to the right place.

Vintage Side Chair

One item in our catalogue that we're particularly excited about is this bold Vintage Side Chair. It was designed both with extreme comfort and maximum versatility in mind thanks to both its sleek, curved back and its heavy duty sturdy steel frame. This is the type of chair that not only looks great, but that is strong enough to stand the test of time and remain something that you can depend on for years to come. This chair is available in two different industrial finishes for you to choose from depending on your needs - coffee rust and matt red rust. Note that both of these finishes can only be used indoors due to the specific type of treatment that was used on the metal to obtain its classical rustic appearance.

Brooklyn Chair

Another industrial style item that we're proud to be able to bring to your business is the gorgeous Brooklyn Chair, which is a high quality unit with a light weight aluminium frame. In addition to being as sturdy and as durable as possible, this chair is also easily stackable with others thanks to that aforementioned lightweight frame. If you're after a bentwood inspired chair that is as durable as possible, this is certainly the item that you've been waiting for.

Vintage Stool

In addition to chairs, we also have a variety of bar stools available in our Easter sale - like this beautiful Vintage Bar Stool. It's a heavy duty steel bar stool with a 75cm seat height. It is available in coffee rust or matt red rust finishes for you to choose from depending on the current visual design of your restaurant. It is easily stackable and is also designed for indoor use only.

It doesn't matter what type of industrial style furniture you're actually looking for - you'll be able to find everything you've ever wanted and more at Cafeideas. Our Easter Sale isn't just limited to this particular type of furniture, either - table bases, bench top equipment, food prep machines and more are all on sale during our Easter promotion. We urge you to check out the other promotional sections in our Easter Sale catalogue to find the products that you've been looking for today!