Winter has come to an end and summer is on the way. Now is the time to ask yourself ‘What could we have done better over the winter months?’

Your Outdoor Seating

It’s the lucky cafe, bar or restaurant that has space—and permission—for outdoor seating. In fact, you may be getting ready to open your rooftop seating area, beer garden, balcony or other outdoor seating area right now. Before long, your customers will be enjoying food and drinks and happily soaking in the sunlight and the lively atmosphere of the outdoors. Your customers will be happy and you’ll be happy, too, because you’ll be pulling in more revenue than you’re able to during the winter months, thanks to increased seating capacity and a fun atmosphere.

It’s too bad that you can’t keep that outdoor seating area open all year, right? While it’s true that a rainy winter offers fewer days that are suitable for eating and drinking outdoors, a radiant heater or two can help you extend your outdoor seating season into the spring and autumn, and depending on your location, possibly throughout the year.

We’re More Than Just Catering Equipment; We’ve Got Radiant Heaters

In addition to catering equipment for commercial kitchens and cafe furniture, we offer a variety of radiant heaters from Bromic, and one or more of the designs is sure to be suitable for your outdoor seating area. Our most popular outdoor radiant heater is the Bromic Patio Heater, a self-supporting column-type model that occupies a minimal footprint and puts the heat just where it’s needed: above the surrounding tables. We also have gas and electric models that can be mounted onto a wall or a rigid canopy.

These radiant heaters can help to create a cosy, warm outdoor area that’s perfect for a quiet, romantic meal or drinks with friends or colleagues. In fact, with an outdoor radiant heater and effective protection from the rain, even a cool, wet day can be a good time to eat or drink outdoors.

Bromic Radiant Heaters
Bromic Radiant Heaters

A Great Investment

If you bring in extra revenue and more customers in the summer because of your outdoor seating area but are unable to keep it open year around, then you could increase your yearly profits significantly by extending the number of weeks you can seat customers outdoors. There’s no getting around it: higher capacity and the draw of the outdoors equals more sales for your cafe, restaurant or bar. People won’t sit outside if it’s uncomfortably cold. However, a few radiant heaters can banish that chill.

Take a look at our selection of outdoor heaters now. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at their reasonable cost. If you buy now, you’ll be ready to roll on chilly spring days, and next year, you’ll be able to extend your outdoor seating season into the autumn and maybe even the winter.