If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, right? Wrong! If you can’t stand the heat, it’s time to think again about how to keep your kitchen, staff and customers cool even at the height of summer.

Exhaust Hoods

While traditional exhaust hoods will help to keep your working area cool and clear, unless you have very high ceilings or outdoor extraction systems, the warm air will gradually work its way back down to working level over your shift. The end result? Hot and bothered staff just as the going gets tough. Especially in the summer, kitchens can become very uncomfortable.

At Café Ideas, we have several high-quality exhaust hoods from big-name brands like Culinaire and Halton. For kitchens where heat and humidity are combined problems, a condensate hood like the Culinaire SPEH.CT.T1 can make your working environment significantly cooler and drier, making it much more comfortable for staff and helping you avoid heating up food that’s supposed to stay cool. Better still, they’re built right here in Australia.

Air Circulation

Exhaust hoods and simple cooling systems, such as ceiling fans, can help to remove heat from the kitchen area through air circulation. Simply keeping air moving can help to keep kitchens cool and comfortable, even without outdoor extraction.

It costs nothing to make your smart restaurant design work for you. If your commercial kitchen has windows, you can use them to save money on powering specialist cooling equipment on days when it’s not too hot. The key is to make the most of natural convection by opening the tops of double-hung windows or other high windows to let the hot air out, while fresh, cooler air comes in from lower windows. (This works beautifully on some days, but when it gets hotter, obviously the air conditioning system will be needed.)

Keep the appliances and equipment that generates the most heat closest to the windows and extraction systems, while more contained kitchen appliances and cooler equipment can be sited in the centre of the kitchen. Wall surfaces like tiles can also help to keep kitchens cooler, although be aware of excess condensation, particularly close to dishwashers and other steam-generators like coffee machines.

Clothes For Keeping Your Cool

Café Ideas stocks a great range of professional chef clothing, with many items that have been designed specifically to help staff keep cool in hot temperatures. Look for features like chef’s hats with vents. Have a look at the beanie from chef works, which is made from specialist Cool Vent™ fabric. Their New Yorker jacket also features a Cool Vent™ on the back yoke to keep your chefs completely comfortable even on the hottest days.

Whatever your cooling needs, Café Ideas can help you to find a solution. Browse our great range online, drop into our Chippendale showroom, or call our friendly team today on 1300 22 33 43.