kitchen-work-triangle Have you ever heard of the kitchen work triangle? This concept combines design, functionality and efficiency, and is extremely useful when it comes to determine your kitchen layout.

Originally designed for residential kitchens, it definitely applies to small commercial kitchens with 3 major workstations and a maximum of 2 cooks in the house. 

The kitchen triangle was developed in the 40’s and may seem old and simplistic, but it still applies, believe us! Things have changed a great deal since then, but the basics remain.

The 3 workstations of this magic triangle are as follow:

1. The sink – where you clean and prepare
2. The fridge – where you’re likely to store food
3. The cooktop – where you cook

The main idea is to plan an ergonomic work area to reduce the distance and effort required to work effectively in the kitchen. You will enjoy having a beautiful kitchen but remember that functionality is paramount.

When organizing your kitchen work triangle, you may want to consider these few rules:

- The work triangle should not cut through an island, cabinet, or any other obstacles by more than 30cm
- No major traffic patterns should cross through the work triangle
- A full-height obstacle, should not come between any two points of the triangle

If the work triangle concept doesn’t apply to your current kitchen (because you have more than one cooktop for instance), keep in mind the different steps of the kitchen flow when organizing it:

1. Raw materials coming in
2. Food storage
3. Preparation area
4. Cooking station
5. Cleaning

Think about how well you must be able to get around the kitchen, and remember you should be able to fly from one station to another (especially during rush hours)!

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