From its humble beginnings in 1919 to becoming what is known today as the godfather of commercial mixers, KitchenAid has continued to serve professional chefs with years of exceptional power and performance.

Designed to suit the ever-changing needs and demands of commercial kitchens, the KitchenAid KSM 7590 Stand Mixer with Bowl Lift technology is the latest in the range offering highly efficient and cost effective results every time.

An unrivalled leader in the market, several characteristics differentiate the KSM7590 from its competition. At a point when most mixers fail, KitchenAid delivers, and with the 11-wire elliptical whisk as a standard attachment, KitchenAid truly excels.

An original planetary action, the whisk works the entire perimeter of the bowl, the highest beater-to-bowl coverage in the industry, mixing any amount of egg white small or large to achieve the smoothest and most luscious result in minimum time. This action also effectively eliminates the need to stop and scrape the edge of the bowl.

Ideal for small and medium caterers, restaurants and artisan bread makers, the mixer’s unique dough hook-like shape powerfully kneads through thick and heavy dough to produce up to 25% more output.

“Whether you’re creating meringues, macarons or marshmallows the KitchenAid KSM7590 Commercial Stand Mixer guarantees a thicker, creamier and more consistent end product.”
Dean Gibson - Chef, Teacher and Team Pastry Australia Coach

Standard to the KitchenAid range, the 1 to 10 speed mechanism allows for all uses from folding and stirring to the most vigorous of jobs. Consider the following speeds for optimum cooking results:

Speed 1 – Slow stirring, combining, mashing and starting all mixing procedures. Use to add flour and dry ingredients to batter, and add liquids to dry ingredients.

Speed 2 – Slow mixing, mashing and faster stirring. Use to mix and knead yeast dough, heavy batters, mashing potatoes or other vegetables, and mixing thin batters.

Speed 4 – Mixing semi-heavy batters, such as cookies. Use to combine sugar and butter and to add sugar to egg whites for meringues.

Speed 6 – Medium-fast beating (creaming) or whipping. Use to finish mixing cake, doughnut, and other batters.

Speeds 8-10 – Whipping cream, egg whites, small amounts of cream, or for final whipping of mashed potatoes.

Highly versatile and cost effective, the removable hub cover located at the front of the machine allows users to attach numerous accessories to the unit at any stage of the preparation.

For example: Using the pasta roller attachment and securing it in place at the hub, users can simply switch on the intended speed and freely knead dough to the desired consistency. Alternatively, attachments such as the food grinder/mincer, sausage stuffer tube or slicer/shredder can also be used for various recipe creations like meatloaves, pizza toppings and sausages.

Another key advantage, the bowl lift design enables for closer whisking action as well as easy storage, making it the preferred choice of professional chefs. Often sturdier and more reliable, the bowl lift mechanism is also ideal for heavier mixtures and larger quantities.

“KitchenAid has finally heard my prayers! The new Commercial KSM7590 Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is designed to suit the needs of the professional chef, it handles my flourless sponge, biscotti and nougat recipes with ease – very impressive!”
Deniz Karaca - Pastry Chef, Epicure’s MCG Culinary Centre / Winner of the Asia-Pacific World Chocolate Masters 2013

Designed for professionals by professionals, the KitchenAid KSM7590 stand mixer is now available to purchase at Cafeideas with numerous accessories optional to suit all your kitchen needs. To find out more about this product and our entire commercial range click here.