Krema Bar

Krema Bar in Ashfield benefits from an experienced hand

Having established and operated fifteen cafes during his career, Krema Bar owner Gary Baris knows a thing or two when it comes to deciding what works and what doesn’t in a successfulcafe.

“Krema Bar is my fifteenth cafe, and it’s my second branded as Krema,” he said. “I know what’s involved in establishing a cafe and I find the process quite enjoyable.”

An important part of his business has been the relationship he has developed with Cafeideas.

“I’ve sourced a great deal of equipment and furniture from Cafeideas over the years,” he said. “I love that they’re a one-stop-shop and can access most things for me which means I avoid the hassle of having to deal with multiple suppliers. Their prices are also very competitive.”

Gary has made use of the Silver Chef leasing options arranged through Cafeideas for each of his cafes. “It’s a fantastic arrangement,” he said. “I simply place my order with Cafeideas and they organise the paperwork with Silver Chef on my behalf. This frees me up to concentrate on other things.”

For Krema Bar, Gary has purchased table bases, chairs, under counter fridges, an under bench ice maker, a milkshake maker, blender, salamander, waffle maker and an under counter dishwasher from Cafeideas.

He reports that feedback from staff is that the equipment and systems he uses in his cafes contribute to a streamlined workflow. “This improves efficiency which impacts favourably on my staffing needs and costs,” he said.

Krema Bar is located within the popular Ashfield Mall, in an area outside Woolworths that was previously an open space. “The development approvals came through just before Christmas and so we have been moving quickly over the holiday period to complete the fitout,” said Gary. “Jerome at Cafeideas has been really helpful in making sure we received the goods we needed in the tight timeframe we were working with.”

Krema Bar is a boutique cafe that specialises in finest quality coffee.

“Our baristas are highly experienced and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best in coffee,” said Gary. “Krema Bar uses a specially prepared blend of imported coffee beans which we have roasted locally and delivered weekly. This guarantees freshness and a full, smooth flavour.”

Gary expects that there will be good business to come from the many visitors to the shopping mall, as well as from local businesses and the Council which is located nearby. “I’ve always been interested in the coffee scene and with Krema Bar, we’ll be focussing on what we do best – great coffee, specialty smoothies, cakes and pastries.”

Over the years, Gary has sold many of his cafes and he is always on the lookout for new locations. “I generally hold on to and operate a few at a time, then if the circumstances are right I’ll consider selling,” said Gary. “I hope to extend the Krema concept to other parts of Sydney in the future.”

He is very happy to continue using Cafeideas for his future cafes, and has recommended them to many friends in the industry. “I talk about Cafeideas quite a lot,” he said. “I think they are a very clever business and are great to deal with.”

Krema Bar will open in late January 2012 and will operate seven days a week from 7am to 7pm. It is located outside the entrance to Woolworths at Ashfield Shopping Mall, 260 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield, Sydney.