Lil Cilantro

Authentic Vietnamese dishes served in Cherrybrook

Cao Lau – an exotic Vietnamese dish unique to the port town of Hoi An in central Vietnam – is just one of the specialty dishes on the menu at Cherrybrook’s new Lil Cilantro restaurant.

“Many of our customers have travelled extensively in Vietnam and Cao Lau is one of the dishes they’ve been asking us about,” said Lil Cilantro owner Lyanne Do. “Their knowledge of many less-known, regional dishes means we are able to be more adventurous with our menu than I first planned.”

With six years’ experience in Vietnamese restaurants in Cabramatta and Canley Vale, Lyanne is enthusiastic about establishing the first Vietnamese restaurant in the Cherrybrook area.

“We’re offering a wide range of traditional and popular Vietnamese dishes,” said Lyanne. “Our dishes are influenced by the French cuisine associated with Vietnam’s history and so crepes and baguettes are part of our menu.”

Lyanne was introduced to Cafeideas through her fitout team.

“We knew what equipment we needed to buy and Rachel from Cafeideas gave us valuable advice about the durability and warranty offered by different makes and models,”said Lyanne. “Some of the equipment we needed was quite specialised and in some cases, if Cafeideas couldn’t supply the exact model we specified, they sourced a better quality alternative but still only charged us the price of the original, so we’ve been really happy to deal with them.”

From Cafeideas, Lyanne purchased a dishwasher, crepe machine, ice machine, oven/cooktop, fryer, wok, pasta/noodle cooker, Vietnamese stock pot, upright fridge, upright storage freezer and boiling water unit.

“The space available to us in our shop was quite small and so we were very conscious of having equipment that was sized to help us be as space efficient as possible,” said Lyanne. “Cafeideas’ guidance has helped us make good choices in this regard.”

In order to create authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Lyanne has imported several specialised ingredients.

“In the case of Cao Lau for example, a key ingredient is the special type of noodles made using water from an ancient well in Hoi An,” said Lyanne. “We’ve imported Cao Lau noodles from Hoi An and combine them with delicious pork cooked in a soy infused broth, fresh green vegetables and herbs and a chilli jam. It’s great to be bringing many wonderful Vietnamese dishes to the Cherrybrook community and beyond.”

Lil Cilantro is open 7 days a week from 8am to 5.30pm. It is located at Shop 25, 41 – 47 Shepherds Drive, Cherrybrook.