Established in 1987 in West Auckland New Zealand in the garage of Gary Lai’s home, Lai Kam Kee Restaurant Equipment was born. The family owned commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer specialised in Asian and Western gas cooking equipment, building woks from knowledge learned while living in Canberra Australia before moving to New Zealand.

Throughout the years business picked up and in 1994 Gary moved into his first factory unit. The 200sq meter proved too small even after only 6 months on the premises. Within 5 years Gary packed up once again, only this time setting on building a factory to his own liking. In 1999, after 6 months and 12 builders later, the New Zealand factory was completed. For Gary work was just about to begin.

“The earlier years were a struggle for the business to grow as it was difficult to acquire skilled sheet metalist and welders in New Zealand” said Gary.

In 2000, Gary appointed a company in Malaysia to manufacture standard size stainless steel equipment such as benches, sinks, woks and cook tops so he could focus on producing custom size equipment in New Zealand.

In 2004 Lai Kam Kee Restaurant Equipment decided to formally change the company name to LKK Food Equipment Ltd. “The name was changed to simplify and westernize a more recognizable brand name while still keeping the original name in the logo” explains Gary.

In 2009 LKK China was established with goods manufactured under LKK's control. With LKK being extremely successful in New Zealand, Gary decided to expand his business to Australia also. “In 2 years we established LKK Australia. Being so close to New Zealand the logistics made more sense to be here.”

Over the years the company has continued the reputable brand name LKK is in the commercial kitchen industry. Australian certified products range from Woks, Cooktops, Chargrills, Teppan Griddles, Oven Ranges & Fryers. With Leo’s support LKK plan to add more to the list which will include a Dim Sum Steamer, Noodle Cooker, Salamanders, modular size canopy and more.

When it came time to choosing the right dealer to supply the LKK range, Leo turned to Cafeideas, having come highly recommended by Hobart Food Equipment.

“The choice was simple, Geoff from Hobart recommended Cafeideas and I immediately got on the phone to Damien. On the day of our meeting I also brought some equipment with me to show him (Damien), which he was really impressed with. Not long after that our products were live on the Cafeideas website.” says Leo. When asked why he chose Cafeideas Leo was fast to reply, “As a family owned business, we endeavour to provide excellent service and support and who better to understand our philosophy than Cafeideas. Family owned and leading suppliers in their own right, it was but a natural choice. Plus they had a great website, and as more and more customers shop online today, this was also important.”

Some years later, Cafeideas and LKK have continued to collaborate successfully in providing the best in quality cooking equipment to businesses Australia wide. For our complete range click here. Alternatively visit our Chippendale showroom to view selected models from the range.