When purchasing commercial kitchen equipment of any kind, there are always a few important things to keep in mind. This is especially true when you're looking for something like a wood fire pizza oven that your business will rely on heavily on a daily basis. When the key component of the product is something as natural as fire, many people assume that one such oven cannot possibly be that different from the next. Those people would be wrong, however, and there is a large range of variables at play that you should not ignore.

Wood Fire Pizza Oven
Wood Fire Pizza Oven

1. Brand

One of the key factors that you're looking for when purchasing a wood fire pizza oven is the brand. Just as you wouldn't buy something as expensive as a high definition television set from a company that you didn't explicitly trust, the same theory is true of something as important for your business as a wood fire pizza oven.

CafeIdeas.com.au offers an extensive range of pizza ovens from companies like Vesuvio. Vesuvio in particular has been around for decades and is now recognized by industry leaders as one of the best brands that are currently operating in the market today.

2. Designs and Kitchen Efficiency

Another important factor that you'll need to pay attention to has to do with the design of the pizza oven, the size of the product and how that will relate to the environment that you're actually placing it in. Some larger units are designed to stand freely directly on the floor of your kitchen. Depending on the size of the unit and the current configuration of that kitchen, however, this may not be an ideal solution. Wood fire pizza ovens tend to be quite large, so buying a unit that is too big and placing it in just the wrong spot could make the normal day to day functionality of your kitchen quite a bit more difficult for the staff, resulting in lost productivity.

On the other hand, certain wood fire pizza ovens are designed to stack directly on top of one another. These tend to have shorter legs than those that are intended to be freestanding. The benefit of this is that it allows you to have access to the latest in wood fire pizza oven technology, all while allowing you to maximize the floor space available to your kitchen staff at the same time.

3. Capacity

You'll also need to purchase a wood fire pizza oven that is the right fit for your specific business. Some pizza ovens are designed for large capacity situations and offer peak performance at an incredibly high volume. This would be great for popular restaurants where pizza is one of the top items on your menu. If you don't have these types of high capacity requirements, however, smaller options are also available. One of the great things about these wood fire pizza ovens is that you can always choose the right option that will meet your productivity requirements, regardless of what those requirements happen to be.