The 4 Ms of Espresso Coffee

In Italy, there are four main qualities a person must have in order to have the perfect cup of espresso. The first is 'Miscela', or blend, which is finding the perfect balance and mixture of coffee beans.

The next 'M' is 'Macinazione', which is the grinding of the beans. The flavour that espresso gives while it is brewed is due to the grinding, so if the grinds are too fine, the coffee will turn out rather water-like; if they are too thick, the flavour will be severely limited.

Then comes the 'M' which is for the Espresso Machine; the temperature and the pressure that a machine gives will instantly separate a good cup of coffee from a bad one. You can find an excellent commercial coffee machine online that monitors and consistently supplies the user with the adequate pressure (9 bar +/- 1 bar) and the perfect temperature of 88 degrees celsius.

The last 'M' of espresso coffee making is the 'Mano' or hand. This is the craft of actually making the espresso. The person who makes the coffee is the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to creating the perfect cup of coffee.

Brewing Tips for Coffee

When you have all of your supplies in order, you should make sure you follow some of the tips below to produce the finest cup of coffee:

· Don't use old or stale beans. The best espresso comes from using fresh espresso beans. · Do not grind excessive amounts of coffee beans, as this will be a waste and alter the taste of the coffee. Grind exactly what you need and store the rest.

· You only need about six to eight grams of espresso ground per cup of espresso which should only be about 25 to 35 millilitres. Anything more will give the coffee a very bitter taste.

· While brewing, a single cup of coffee should only take between 20 to 30 seconds.

If you follow these tips you should be on your way to making the perfect cup of coffee. If you haven't purchased an espresso machine yet, find a great commercial coffee machine and you will be able to compare dozens of commercial espresso machines and their prices.

Besides comparing prices, you should also see the different features that are included and see which machine offers you the most bang for your buck.

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