Whether it’s fine dining, casual dining or take out, when it comes to restaurant food we all share fond memories of birthday celebrations, family get-togethers, or simple Sunday brunches. There is no denying it, we love dining out.

Walking away completely satisfied comes down to many factors, one of which is the food we consume. Buying seasonal produce has its advantages but the key to getting the most value out of your food is keeping it fresh. For many restaurants, bars and hotels, the refrigerator is no longer the sole necessity for retaining food fresh.  

A walk-in storage facility that functions as a refrigerator, the Misa cool room and freezer room is the perfect solution for keeping large quantities of food at consistent cool temperatures. Italian made Misa is a world leader in cool room solutions providing constant support for new production technologies in the agroindustial and small and large distribution industries where strategy is of great importance. Today, Misa’s technologically advanced and quality cool rooms have not only excelled in the Italian market but the foreign market too.

Applicable to many commercial environments, Misa provides a SMART, quick and flexible solution to suit any modular requirement.


Made using a high density MS patented polyurethane panel system, Misa is fire safe as it uses a self-extinguishing foam, holds no moisture, is HFC & CFC free and environmentally friendly. Its heavy-duty floors are made from reinforced galvanized steel with an anti-slip coating making them durable and long lasting too.

Many cool rooms are made of polystyrene panel (EPS) making them highly flammable, the result of high absorption of moisture such as fat, oil and water from the kitchen environment.


Constructed within the room space, the modular panel system requires less physical energy space during construction. Available in three widths: 400mm, 800mm and 1200mm, the ability of two way, three way and four way edges allows for multiple combination Misa rooms to suit almost any location and kitchen size.


Due to the ‘fast fit’ twin lock CAMLOCK system, Misa rooms can easily be assembled and disassembled saving you much time and money. Constructed of a one-piece MSV panel, the unique freeblock condensing unit and evaporator also locks into place in a matter of minutes making it very effective for relocation purposes.

Other non-modular rooms can take up to a day to install costing you $100’s when installed by trained professionals.


The superior finish of Misa cool rooms and freezer rooms (its polyurethane panels are plastic powder coated not pre-painted) are extremely hardwearing and longer lasting making them ideal for food storage. For maximum storage, Misa’s static load capacity can reach up to 4000kg/m3 and a 250kg roll in trolley.

Some less durable floors can only endure up to 1500kg/m3.

Looking to save on your power bill? Look no further than Misa. Its 100mm polyurethane panels when operated in 43 °C and 75% RH ambient show to be up to 50% more efficient than other 75mm and 80mm EPS panel systems.


Ideal for tough and changing climates, Misa temperatures remain stable at all times. This means no fluctuations in temperature having to make the compressor work harder.

Misa cool and freezer rooms are perfect for storing:

• Cold & frozen meats
• Fresh & frozen vegetables
• Ice cream
• Milk & coffee
• Certain pastries
• Alcohol & soft drinks
• Laboratory equipment, medicines & vaccines
• Flowers

Take advantage of these SMART benefits Misa has to offer and ensure a safe food environment in your kitchen. Cafeideas is a proud supporter of Misa cool rooms and if you would like to find out more click here.