Leading the industry in innovations for 30 years Convotherm have now developed a new selectable cooking program called ecoCooking for all easyToUCH appliances. For the first time, a proven energy saving of up to 25% can be achieved with ecoCooking in direct comparison with standard procedures as per DIN Norm 18873-1.

Due to sky rocketing energy prices, Convotherm have developed the new ecoCooking program to assist their customers in keeping operating costs of their ovens low. The concept behind ecoCooking is both simple and brilliant: The ACS (Advanced Closed System) which is standard in all CONVOTHERM Combi steamers keeps almost all heat inside the inner chamber while cooking, therefore no heat is wasted. ecoCooking takes the advantage of this feature and cooks in pre-programmed impulses. The food itself uses the existing residual heat to continue cooking – until you obtain the perfect result, even in the shortest amount of time.

ecoCooking is especially suitable for slow cooking of products such as roasts, braised meats, curries and stews. ecoCooking not only provides savings in energy but also considerable increases in quality, the meat remains much more tender and keeps its weight and natural flavours. Thus you get the most out of your products plus increased profitability.

Note: With the current DIN 18873-1 the leading manufacturers of Combi steamers have developed a technology to impartially define the energy consumption of large-scale kitchen appliances. With it, for the first time, consumption values shall be comparable and suppliers' statements checkable for the user. Taking this measuring method as a basis, the CONVOTHERM easyToUCH appliances verifiably save up to 25 % energy when activating the selectable ecoCooking program.