Known for its delicious taste and simple ingredients, pizza has made world headlines as one of the highest consumed foods of all time. One can boldly state that almost every individual has tried a slice in his or her lifetime. What was once a traditional food prepared by home cooks, pizza today is a phenomenon. Often found on restaurant menus, many businesses are happy to invest in good quality commercial ovens to produce a pizza dish worthy of their reputation. One Italian born oven does just that. With a strong world presence, Moretti Forni represents the Italian passion for good food and quality equipment.

A versatile alternative to the traditional wood fired oven, Moretti Forni conveyor and deck ovens have become the number one choice of many pizzerias, restaurants, bakeries and catering businesses. Moretti’s professional range offers unparalleled reliability and cooking quality to withstand the high production pressure of many commercial kitchens while keeping safety at top levels.

Available in 5 sizes with single and dual baking chambers, Moretti’s multifunctional deck ovens are perfect for cooking pizza, meat, pasta, vegetables and pastries. Characterized by its basic concept, the range is highly functional with an excellent focus on quality/price ratio. With an easy to use split-deck and dual temperature technology, users are now able to control multiple temperatures within the chamber, setting it as high as 450°C. When cooking similar products, adjusting the ceiling and floor temperatures will guarantee an optimum heat distribution within the chamber and ensure a more even cooking. Controlling the front and rear temperatures also makes it possible to cook different foods at the same time.

Tip: Partially starting up your oven by turning on the temperature for one chamber only will ensure a considerable saving on your energy bill, as the oven is not being used at full capacity.

Thanks to its refractory material, the oven’s even heat distribution over the entire cooking surface also makes it perfectly suitable for baking pastries and cooking pizza, either directly on the surface or on separate baking trays. When prepared by a skilled staff member, the refractory stone floor will produce equally perfect pizza as that of a wood fired oven. Tempered glass windows located on each door too allow the user to check the state of the product while it is cooking.

Note: This type of oven may not be suitable for less skilled staff as the user will need to take initiative and manage the cooking times on their own. Failure to do so may result in over or under cooking of the food.

FUN FACT! Did you know you can cook:

Bread rolls: 25mins at 190°C
Meat skewers: 8mins at 280°C
Chicken wings: 12mins at 280 - 300°C
Prawns: 5mins at 280°C
Macaroons: 20mins at 150°C

Designed for small and large working areas, a long line of electric and gas ovens complete the Moretti Professional range. Keeping up with consumer demand, SerieT conveyor ovens are known to cater to high production businesses such as take away shops and caterers, but not limited to restaurants or large cafes. Cooked by convection, the conveyor ovens work on the principle of air, at a high temperature and set pressure, passes over the food and transmits the heat required to cook it. Extremely easy to use, the conveyor oven also features a dual temperature technology, allowing for control of the temperature settings. What’s more, with the help of a double heat control inside the cooking chamber, cooking is made simple where the food is placed on the conveyor belt, which gradually carries it into the oven and brings it out on the other side perfectly cooked.

Note: Users are able to set the oven’s cooking times as well as top and bottom cooking temperatures, making them more user friendly and suitable for less skilled staff.

Moreover, the conveyor’s compact design is also highly beneficial for businesses during the growth phase. For those experiencing a rapid increase in productivity, the design of the oven makes it possible to stack additional units without the use of extra floor space. This saves businesses the need to buy more equipment for a kitchen with already limited space.

Tip: The stackability of the oven makes it possible to use one oven in quiet periods, minimizing the energy consumption, with the use of the additional oven only during peak periods.

FUN FACT! Did you know you can cook:

Pizza: 3min 40sec at 340°C - 48 per hour
Sandwich Rolls: 18min at 180°C - 36 per hour
Croissant: 15min at 170°C – 48 per hour
Biscuits: 12min at 180°C – 3kg per hour
Macaroons: 15min at 160°C – 48 per hour

Lasagne: 20min at 230°C – 16.8kg per hour
Pork Fillet: 8min at 280°C – 4.2kg per hour
Grilled Veg: 8min at 280°C

A new generation of cooking, Moretti Forni commercial ovens are a true representation of the passion behind the ideas. From deck ovens and conveyor ovens, to planetary mixers, Cafeideas has the solution to suit every need. To find out more about our Moretti range click here.