With summer just around the corner, it’s already time to start revamping your outdoor area left aside during the cold season!

We are super excited to introduce our new collection of mosaic tables. Completely new to our range of outdoor complete tables, we hope you will share our enthusiasm!

You will find several patterns: diamonds, hopscotch or slate. Up to you to pick what best suits your place!

All the different models come with legs made from black pickled Siberian pine. Their wooden look will perfectly contrast with the icy look of the tiles.

Our mosaic tables look amazing AND they offer countless benefits:

• They are hygienic.
Because of their smooth surface, tiles are extremely hygienic, and microbes and other microorganisms don’t stand a chance.

• They are easy clean and maintain.
You don’t need to use specific chemicals. Simply wipe away with a damp cloth and your tabletops will be sparkling clean!

• They don’t burn, nor melt.
Do you have customers smoking and unable to aim for the ashtray? No need to be afraid of falling ash any more!

• They don’t stain.
Your customers can now freely spill their glass of red wine. Stains will easily disappear when you clean afterwards.

• They don’t crack.
They are scratch and crack-resistant.

• They offer great durability.
Tiles have a very dense surface, which makes them solid and extremely robust. And because of the benefits listed above, they will last for a long while.

Adding mosaic tables to your place will help you enhance your restaurant decoration, add some colors and harmony to the place. Discover our mosaic tables today!